How to choose products for home textile 2 angle + 2

Nowadays, there are a lot of products about home textiles on the market. How to buy home textile products with good quality and good price? Let us go and have a look! 1. From the perspective of environmental design The use of home textile products in the living environment is a prominent poin-----

Macassini Men once again hand in WWF "Earth Hour&q…

In March 2012, MARCCASNE signed a sponsorship agreement with WWF for the official "One Hour Earth Hour" campaign in 2012. As a follow-up to the Earth Hour event, MARCCASNE joined the World Wide Fund for Nature Pioneer in carbon mitigation, working together on the road to sustainable urban-----

Violet Home Textiles: Brand Agents Carefully Chosen

Home textiles as a brand agent is a shortcut for social entrepreneurs to invest and start a business. Starting a business under a fixed model, not only has the full support of the company headquarters, but also the deep infection of its brand culture, and it is not necessary to bear the investm-----

Talk about rosewood and red sandalwood

According to the author's understanding, there is such a "sensual work" enterprise that has long been engaged in the production of rosewood furniture. Although the scale is not very large, it is small and refined, mainly based on custom furniture production. Due to the fact t-----