A Han costumes elegant women's ethnic style 2013 Shenzhen clothing show

2013 Shenzhen apparel show saw a figure, that is, Han costumes dress , showing us the new autumn and winter 2013 fall jacket, large flowers decorated with some ethnic atmosphere, people shines, the feeling of white pavilion The main colors, so that a culvert even more prominent women, let me take you to see how a han women's eye is absorbed.

一涵服饰女装优雅民族风 亮相2013深圳服装展

一涵服饰女装优雅民族风 亮相2013深圳服装展

A Han women's pavilion in front of the door reads: Han Dong approaching, adding a Tim I, from the heart to the environment, to be substituted for the heart, these four sentences make extra warmth, even if the winter is coming, will not feel cold . Such a poetic, people sincerely feel a Han women's strong charm.

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