Ai Bao-house children's clothing invites interested parties to jointly develop children's wear market

China has a huge consumer group of children's wear. There are about 314 million children under the age of 13 in our country. There are nearly 1.6 billion children's wear in China and about 100 billion yuan in children's wear nationwide. Moreover, the number of newborns born in China is still increasing each year. In addition, with the improvement of people's income level, especially the increase of urban and rural consumption power, the children's wear market will become the most purchasing and developing market in the future. block. Aibo home children's clothing for the export of France, Denmark, Britain, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Southeast Asia, and other countries and regions of nearly 100 well-known brands and some of the domestic big-name children's clothing, nearly 2,000 species, both in the number of varieties, Sales growth, have been in a leading position in the industry, is the most professional, the largest foreign trade children's wear wholesale website. Warmly look forward to your joining! Welcome children's clothing retailers around to become Aibo House partners, you will be in Aibo home to buy more children's clothing at a low price. The Company fully consider the interests of franchisees, is committed to gradually establish a good sales network, welcome interested in the development of children's wear industry businesses and companies to join to jointly develop China's highly potential children's clothing market.

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