Analysis on the New Ideas of the Development of Daily Glass Industry

[China Glass Network] Glass products have penetrated into all aspects of consumer life. With the improvement of people's living standards, the consumption level will also increase accordingly, which expands the market space for daily-use glass products. However, we should also see that consumers' expectations for the quality and quality of their products are also increasing accordingly. In particular, our products still have a considerable amount of exports, and it is necessary to adapt to the increasing consumption levels of overseas consumers. Therefore, in the full implementation of the scientific concept of development, the daily-use glass industry should increase scientific and technological innovation and development, improve the quality and quality of products, and promote the daily use of the glass industry while meeting the rising living standards of the people and the upgrading of export products. development of.

Since the reform and opening up, China's daily-use glass industry has made great progress in terms of scale and technological progress. Due to the strengthening of foreign technical exchanges, the equipment level, technical level and management level of the daily-use glass industry have been promoted. However, due to the relatively weak foundation of China's daily-use glass industry, despite the opportunity of reform and opening up, the industry has developed considerably, but there is still a big gap compared with the technical and economic indicators of developed countries. To this end, in the future development process, we must intensify reforms, narrow the gap with the international advanced level, and make the industry develop into a virtuous circle.

Products and Markets For many years, some of our companies have only focused on production and quantity, not on traditional product styles and models, on the basis of user-generated production (and on batches), lack of innovative development concepts and resilience to market changes. Therefore, the product design is too old to lack the appeal to consumers; at the same time, the lack of market analysis and analysis leads to passive sales; the market can not be guided by the leading consumer; the impact of market risk can not be resisted (such as the French Dulang company is the world) One of the larger glassware manufacturers, in order to resist market risks, conducts market research and constantly designs new products for market demand. In 1997, they designed new products for 2000 as a product reserve for the old When the products are unsalable, the new products will be put on the market in time to grasp the initiative of the market). Many companies have been eliminated due to their inability to adapt to the market. In addition, our company is not large enough to form a scale economy model and has insufficient capacity to withstand market risks. The extensive production management mode cannot form intensive production, resulting in backward management, serious pollution, high energy consumption, high cost, low quality and low added value. Enterprises can only operate under low level conditions. Therefore, as soon as possible, change the concept to form a strong alliance of superior enterprises, and achieve a rational model of economies of scale, in order to form a virtuous circle, with the ability to withstand market risks. Of course, what size is reasonable to achieve? At present, it is not possible to fully refer to foreign models (such as Australia's ACI Packaging Group, which has an annual production capacity of 6 billion bottles, or 3 million tons/year, and only 776 tons per year.) That's more than 10 times ours, and we generally have a majority of companies below 150,000 tons/year.) So although we can't compare with foreign companies, we should see the direction of economies of scale.

Efforts to Innovate and Track the World's Advanced Levels For a long time, we have been relatively weak in terms of technology investment. This is reflected in the rational selection of glass components, the study of kiln basic theory and the research of electric furnace melting technology theory, the research of product molding mechanism, products. And research on mold design and development of new technology and new products. It also appears to be weak in systematic research on foreign scientific and technological intelligence information. This is mainly because in the past, we have been concerned about the reality, we have been concerned about the long-term and too little, the research work has no motivation, and many talent resources have been invisibly lost. Scientific and technological work is the foundation of the development of the industry. It ignores the basic technical work. The long-term industry shrinking is inevitable. Tracking the world level is also empty talk. This is by no means an alarmist or a worrying one. This is a reality we must face in the future. Therefore, we only need to recognize the gap to make up for the gap. We must establish and implement the scientific development concept, respect science and respect talents, implement various science and technology policies, strengthen science and technology investment, and put the industry's scientific and technological level up to serve the productivity.

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