Ancient Ninety fashion ladies into a major advantage into the 13th

Although the garment industry is extremely fierce in recent years, domestic brand apparel consumption still has tremendous room for growth. Rapid urbanization and the rapid development of central and western regions will become an important driving force for the growth of apparel consumption. In the next decade, domestic apparel Consumption will usher in a golden period of growth. It is precisely because of this, cutting-edge brands in the apparel industry continue to emerge, and for entrepreneurs, more and more brands to choose from are generally commendable, but also face many brands, how to choose has become a major problem. Clothing business has what kind of advantage has become a major topic to join.


Guangzhou Xin Yu Garments Co., Ltd. Women brand Gurney flute , which is "urban, stylish, elegant, personalized, modern" design-led, the introduction of various talents, to guide the trend, creating self-goal, to quality, excellence For process requirements, with keen on innovation, the pursuit of perfection as the design goal, multi-faceted brand promotion, and strive to "Gu Nedi" into a wonderful fashion ladies world. And joining the advantages of the thirteen, but also the focus of many entrepreneurs!


Advantages of joining:
1, less investment, more returns, low risk. Only 200,000 agents, municipal agents only 100,000, franchisees only 60,000;
2, Prospects: multi-angle show all aspects of the apparel industry's prospects and the company's advantages and future direction of development
3, Brand Sharing: Sharing the brand awareness of "Goodnight Flute" and the brand's rapid growth Stable member customer base
4, investment budget: The company will provide clients with relevant investment budget from many aspects
5, product knowledge: the company provides detailed information to the customer to introduce the relevant knowledge of goods
6, Advertising Support: Quarterly advertising materials needed by the company free of charge
7, the image of support: the new store opening company to provide free renderings, floor plans, construction plans;
8, material support: The company holds the "risk-sharing, benefit-sharing," the basic principles of the new store opening company to support the sale of software, advertising materials, sales of materials, handbags.
9, opening support: the company sent someone to help customers open, provide professional training, display, terminal maintenance, promotion services
10, supervision and support: the company sent supervisors from time to time to conduct professional training at the store site guidance
11, media publicity: the company depending on the specific needs of the business, from time to time in the national regional media for a variety of promotional activities
12, sales rebate: franchisees to complete a certain percentage of sales tasks, to give the appropriate sales rebate
13, POS system: shop terminal retail management system sharing.

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XINGTENG offers a variety of blends so that you may choose the material best suited for your end result.

Wool Blend Fabric

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