[Arabella children's clothing] several categories of children's clothing classification

Kids wear clothes for children. With the progress of the times, children's wear style is more and more pursuit of fashion, sequins, embroidery, flared legs, lotus leaf and other popular elements in children's Clothing design, and fabric requirements are also more children's clothing types, due to the basic form of children's wear, Variety, use, production methods, raw materials, different types of children's clothing also showed a different style and characteristics, changing, very rich. Different classification methods, leading to our usual title of children's clothing are also different. At present, there are roughly the following classification methods. First, according to the basic form of children's clothing classification classification based on the basic shape and shape of children's clothing can be summarized as body shape, style and hybrid three. 1. Body shape Body shape children's clothing is in line with the human body shape and structure of children's clothing, originated in the boreal zone. The general wear of these children's clothing is divided into two parts, the bodywork and the bodywork. Tops and the human bust, neck neck, arm shape to adapt; Bottom line is in line with the waist, buttocks, legs, pants, skirt-based. Cutting, sewing more rigorous, focusing on children's silhouettes and the main body contouring effect. Such as suits and more for the body type. 2. Style-style style Children's clothing is a relaxed, stretch-style clothing to cover the human body, originated in the tropical region of a children's clothing style. This children's clothing is not rigidly adhere to the body's form, more free, cutting and sewing process with a simple flat-based effect. 3. Mixed type mixed structure of children's clothing is a tropical body type and tropical style type of integrated, mixed form, both the characteristics of the use of simple planar structure cut, but the human body as the center, the basic form of a rectangle, Cheongsam, Japanese kimono and so on. Second, according to the children's clothing wear combination, use, fabric, production process classification (a) according to the wear combination of categories generally have the following categories: 1. The whole piece of upper and lower parts connected to the children's clothing, such as a dress and other fruit loaded with the next loaded, the overall shape of strong children's clothing. 2. Clothing jacket and underwear separate clothing form, a two-piece, three-piece, four-piece. 3. Jacket to wear the outermost clothes, coats, windbreaker, raincoats, cloak and so on. 4. Waist sleeveless wear to the upper body sleeveless children's clothing, usually short to the waist, between the buttocks, slightly personal shape. 5. Skirt cover lower body with children's clothing, a step skirt, A word skirt, round skirt, skirt pants and other changes more. 6. Pants from the waist down to the buttocks after the pants into the form of clothing, easy to wear. UV pants, shorts, pants. (B) According to the use of classification is divided into underwear and coat two coats. Underwear close to the human body, since the body care, warm, plastic effect; coat due to wear different places, uses different types of species many. Can be divided into: social services, general service, career clothes, sportswear, indoor clothing, stage clothing and so on. (C) According to children's wear fabric and craft production classification Chinese children's clothing, Western-style children's clothing, embroidery children's clothing, woolen children's clothing, silk children's clothing cotton children's wear, fur children's clothing, knitted children's clothing, children's wear and so on. Fifth, according to the characteristics of knitted children's clothing production and processing classification of knitted children's clothing category 1. According to the raw material composition classification (1) pure wool (including wool blends): can be divided into sweater, cash back cashmere sweater Taobao, camel sweater, sheepskin hair (short-haired) shirt, rabbit wool blend shirt, Camel wool blend shirt, yak wool wool blend shirt and so on. (2) Blended: can be divided into wool / acrylic, rabbit / acrylic, mohair / acrylic, camel / acrylic, cashmere / nylon blend shirt, cashmere / silk blended shirt. (3) Purification of fiber (including chemical fiber blended category): can be divided into stretch nylon shirt, stretch polypropylene shirt, stretch polyester shirt, acrylic bulging shirt, acrylic / polyester, viscose / nylon blended shirt. (4) Interwoven categories: can be divided into wool acrylic, rabbit hair acrylic, wool cotton yarn sweaters and so on. (B) cotton knitted children's clothing classification 1. According to the production methods of fabric classification Knitted children's clothing Fabrics are divided into two types of warp knitting and weft knitting. 2. According to the fabric structure classification Warp knitted fabric single comb warp knitting basic organizations have flat tissue, the satin organization, the organization of the velvet strict

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