Baby baby boutique children's clothing to your promise: a good product was the most convincing

Based on the principle of mutual benefit and common development, Yantai Inva Fashion Design Co., Ltd. has created a business model of "front shop and back shop" based on more than 20 years of market experience, eliminating the intermediate links and expanding the profit margins. To customers. Yantai Inari apparel is a limited liability company with independent brands, design and development, and marketing planning. It owns three key production departments: production technology center, design and R & D center and marketing and planning center, which brings together a group of high-level and high- Talented people. Company's products adhering to Japan and South Korea children's wear design elements. Integration of deep Eastern culture. Focus on shaping the outstanding personality of rice paddies clothing, fabric environmental protection, style fashion, physical comfort and other excellent quality and unique style, the "Inari" carefully created into the children's wear industry's leading brand. We are not only pursuing short-term interests, but also a long-established reputation. You see a lot of product photos on the site, the same can be seen in our company or factory, we believe that: the product is the most convincing!

40S Cotton/Viscose 50/50 Yarn

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