Baby underwear should be how to buy

Baby underwear, conjoined clam clothes, may be the little guy came to the world's first clothes. How would you give him a choice? The experience of this section of the purchase let us more and more experience: a lot of pregnancy and baby supplies looks very simple, but it is a lot of stress! Of course, baby underwear is also true. Let's take a look at the professional analysis of the product by the example brand. Fabric Keywords: environmental protection, safety; absorbent, breathable; no static; thin but warm. All baby underwear brand models are all combed cotton. Combed cotton refers to the process of spinning, adding exquisite carding procedures, combing to a shorter fiber, and remove impurities in cotton to create a smooth yarn, so that cotton is more resilient, not easy to pilling Surface smooth, no neps. The role model of the R & D team at Tip has been developing a variety of fabrics for baby growth. For example, soft and breathable modal, sunstroke prevention, anti-gall, anti-bacterial, anti-UV bamboo fiber. It is worth mentioning that the anti-bacterial, anti-mite underwear, using the world's leading anti-microbial technology - Swiss-made Sanitized anti-bacterial finishing aids, built-in deodorant effect to prevent the spread of bad smell such as sweat, But also to prevent long-term microbial breeding, baby underwear more perfect and safe. Design humane and functional perfect combination of details and details of the combination, not only for example brand baby underwear is comfortable, but also take full account of the Chinese mother's aesthetic and habits, but also into the Western culture of dressing. Understand the needs of consumers - mom, is a model product is very focused design details. Because the baby's first underwear, by no means a pure product, but a personalized demand to meet and lead the way of scientific nourishment. The neckline is hand-sewn buttons, so it can fit different fat and thin baby. The collar nest is car strap stitching method, reducing the fabric cut on the neck. To light-based color-based, does not stimulate the baby's delicate eyes, but also to the mother a warm feeling, reduce irritability. Baby's skin is delicate, the epidermis is much thinner than adults, very sensitive. So, rough fabric, strong thread and stitches are easy to scratch his skin. Model products pay special attention to workmanship, smooth and meticulous do not say that the use of non-angular underwear design, can be completely flat skin. Siamese clamshell strap design is used, with the development of the child's chest and abdomen can easily adjust the relaxation, will not curb the baby's breath. Straps also use a sophisticated, solid, high-end sewing car sewing process, to avoid spit hairy baby was eating. Baby underwear size is not only the function of a single garment itself, model products is always taking into account the laws and needs of infant growth and development, and this element added to the design concept of the baby underwear go. Therefore, the product's professional level and the level of refinement is also becoming more apparent, the size and age of the division is quite accurate. Baby version of the baby, body shape is round, upper body, short hands and feet. In view of this feature, model products and ordinary children's version is quite different version: the coat is longer, to be able to cover the baby's belly belly to ensure the baby's stomach warm; lower body pants are shorter, to facilitate the baby's leg Foot extension activities. Soft shopping guide, can not limit the activities of small infants. Do not have easy to fall off the gadgets. Do not give newborn babies a larger size. Baby underwear is too large or too small, are not conducive to the healthy growth of the baby's body, be sure to choose the right size. Protect the stomach where the small belly, the best choice for some of the shirt. Too thick and heavy clothes will affect the normal breathing of the baby, but also easily lead to the baby upset, heat. Therefore, clothing must be thin, have a better warmth. The baby's body grows rapidly, underwear to be replaced frequently, it is recommended that each stage to prepare 6 to 8 pieces to wear. 0 ~ 18 months: every 3 months to update a batch; 18 months to 5 years: about six months to update a batch. Underwear first wash and then give the baby to wear. And to use a dedicated baby hanger up from the hem into the drying, to avoid deformation of small underwear. This column is particularly grateful for the positive pregnancy Kingfisher Fair MICF full name Beijing is pregnant pregnancy Expo, Beijing Children's Wear Fair is China's pregnant baby industry influential industry event one of the annual twice a year in Beijing, Guangzhou held in both places, has now successfully held 16 sessions. The exhibition covers a full range of pregnant and infant products and the latest technologies worldwide. It is a professional platform for brand promotion, market development, industry trend guide and business trade for pregnant children. It is also an annual gathering of industry elites. â—Ž Interviewee / Ivy (R & D Manager, Guangzhou Yingai Trade Co., Ltd.) Editor / Wu Ying

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