Beauty poetry Ganzhou shop welcome hot weekend rush to buy can not stop

Beauty poetry underwear Jiangxi Ganzhou store since the opening of last week, the store business continued hot today coincides with the opening of the second weekend, the store insider, queuing up paying an endless stream of people, hot weekend performance is set to hit a new high, we Look forward to


丽人诗歌赣州店迎火爆周末  疯狂抢购根本停不下来

It is reported that the beauty poetry underwear Jiangxi Ganzhou store since November 17 opening, the booming business scene so that beauty poetic shop in the local blockbuster, the store's turnover has been continuously refreshing, a record high, and today is the second beauty poetry Ganzhou shop A weekend, the store in return for the support and love of the vast number of consumers, the introduction of underwear as low as 50% off, stylish pajamas as low as 60%, the audience bought a full 128 yuan to send a set of dressing mirror, buy 188 yuan to send a sweater brush ... So exciting promotions more touched the hearts of many consumers, this time coincides with the season, a booming war started, one by one to pay first, really is kind of "simply can not stop" The rhythm.

丽人诗歌赣州店迎火爆周末  疯狂抢购根本停不下来

Beauty poetry underwear , has always insisted on simple and elegant style set off charming and playful pondering design, and according to the current trend of providing different colors, patterns and styles to choose, designed a beautiful section of the product, greatly loved by women, The quality of high-end products, the price of low-brand, but also create a favorable "return" of the "weapons." Ganzhou store now booming fire and continued the hot performance, will further open up the refinement of beauty poetry Jiangxi and the surrounding market has laid a significant role in promoting the beauty of the poetry of the national development territory once again perfect.

丽人诗歌赣州店迎火爆周末  疯狂抢购根本停不下来 丽人诗歌赣州店迎火爆周末  疯狂抢购根本停不下来

Finally, we once again wish the beauty of poetry underwear stores nationwide business is booming, extra cash! If you also want to join the beauty of poetry underwear, then quickly pick up the telephone consultation, 0 franchise fee, 0 design fee, 100% exchange goods, moon and month 10 promotional spree grab endless, I believe it will definitely be your business wise The choice!

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