Beini rabbit clothing boutique: measuring the world with the texture of the nation

Classic women say beauty is a woman's nature, such as Reese Witherspoon. Do you remember the power of the classic film "Pretty Woman" to change the power of the world; boutique woman said that beauty is the woman's responsibility. Such as big S, your mind is still stored pretty pink figure. Today, the princess has long been a school of the Queen Fan, creating a living world in the world. No wonder people say that every woman has a pink fairy tale memories, in the Wei Kingdom, the United States staged elegant growth story. Tomboy Beini is no exception.

贝妮兔 - banirabbit

China powder: a prelude to the national dominant color

In the mother nagging again and again, in the eyes of the people around, Beini once again, a careful study of their own, exquisite facial features, delicate skin, if you do not look hairstyle and wearing, really is a live off Doll face. But looking at the roots is not the case. Like a boy's hairstyle, hip-hop style dress will crash the doll dream. Benny began to notice the subtle changes that had taken place in the little sisters around her, pink heads, pink cellphones, pink bags, and even pink secrets. Benny suddenly wake up, no wonder they do not discuss adults like, no heterosexual edge, pink may be the girl's patron saint. From the beginning to get used to getting used to it, Beni gradually loves pink, until one day she and her name coincide with the " Benny Rabbit " brand into her world, Beni as a treasure. Beini even complacent for the newly discovered brand, ocean said, Bunny rabbit pink is a prelude to China's Red, is a true portrayal of our nation's subtle qualities.


"Rabbit" plot: a woman's natural password

Often someone compares a woman to a cat, and a woman's cat shows the softness and tenacity in her character, reflecting the feminine and delicate state. The rabbit is more young girl's favor, pure, gentle, clever, spiritual ... ... as if all the beautiful words describe the rabbit is not an exaggeration, the rabbit is an important part of the Chinese zodiac culture, the legend of the rabbit since ancient times is beyond countless . Changan from the Guanghan Palace of rabbit to the beauty of the cartoonist Xia Da 茕 rabbit A Jiao, won the majority of female friends love. A survey of the doll's market shows that rabbits have won the highest number of votes. The following Benny carrying " Benny rabbit " backpack in front of her mother bouncing, saying warm words, such as a cute baby rabbit mother, healthy, beautiful, positive.


Benny rabbit : just get along with you

Beini earth-shaking changes in the circle of friends set off a wave of imitation, envy in the eyes of everyone, even based on academic excellence Beini become the only one to go to school exchange student studying in the US, access to education across the ocean to receive updates Opportunity. Never mind the ten thousand, Bernie more aware of the meaning of the path of their own choice. When the mother is ready Beini travel luggage, Beini tears, because Beini rabbit heavily "armed" so small Beini become the mother of the most satisfying candy, pink trinkets mother to let her learn tired mediation mood, relieve stress; Pink backpack full of friends, the sweet memories of beauty and blessings. When diligent Beni stood on the podium of the top scholarship six months later, Beni won a " Benny Rabbit " name in her friend's mouth. The girl from China flashed a dazzling national glory, Won the great respect of teachers and classmates.

Benny said that whether the ugly duckling or the sparrow, there is always a day of metamorphosis; whether it is poor or rich, there is a brand waiting for you to meet.

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