Card Sibel underwear powerful joining advantage allows you to win at the starting point

In recent years, the lingerie market is doing well, and even some people take underwear with the real estate started to compare, and snatch "underwear" piece of cake is also more and more people, then how the vast "clothing" sea Finding the right brand is a top priority. Subsequently, a large number of underwear enterprises also gave a strong support for joining, hoping to quickly expand through this channel brand, stand firm in the underwear market, many of whom are big brands, Dongguan Tencel underwear ( Card Sibel ) is one of them .


Card Sibel brand underwear has a mature mode of operation and terminal retail model, taking into account the plight of first-time entrepreneurs limited funds, the introduction of zero franchise fee preferential policies, and strive to use the lowest cost, low-risk operations, to create high profits benefit. Differentiated custom goods training, pre-opening training, training of new staff and other system training system allows you to get started faster and enhance competitiveness. In terms of products, card Sibel Bell has a strong development system to ensure a healthy listing of goods, franchisees win at the starting point.

The JMY women's stainless steel bangles collection is made of high quailty 316L stainless steel.The stainless steel products usually have four colors, gold, rose gold, silver and black. We use PVD plated technology. It is really wonderful design. Our company has many kinds of bangles, tools series, skull series, speedometer series etc. You also can put your own logo on the products if you like, we can use the technology of laser and engraved. JMY collection represents serve you the best products you want.

Women's Stainless Steel Bangle

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