Choosing colored gems also depends on clarity

For any type of gemstone, the clarity indicator is directly related to its aesthetic level and value, and colored gemstones are no exception. Therefore, consumers should focus on their clarity indicators when purchasing.

According to Zhang Jun, founder of Beijing Century Jinyuan Jewelry City Jewelry Store, the evaluation of gem clarity should start from whether there are flaws on the surface and whether there are impurities inside. Among them, the surface flaw includes the mark left by the cutter during the grinding process or the friction trace left by the long-term wear. These defects are surface marks, which can be eliminated by polishing and polishing the stones again, without affecting the evaluation of their clarity. Internal impurities are the main factors affecting the gem clarity index, including hole marks, gaps, clouds, feather cracks, hand fingerprints, embedded crystals, needles, needle points, etc. Zhang Jun said that the more and more obvious the inclusions of gems, the lower their value.

According to Zhang Jun, in the colored gemstone industry, the purity of gemstones is usually divided into three categories: one, two, and three.

Among them, a kind of gemstone with no clarity can not see impurities with the naked eye, representing varieties: beryl (green, yellow, pink), aquamarine, green tourmaline, blue zircon, gold emerald (green, yellow), Tan Sangshi, crystal (tea crystal, citrine), spodumene (pink, green), topaz (blue, yellow, orange, pink, red), these gems are favored by high-end jewelers; The gemstones have inclusions and can be observed by the naked eye. The representative varieties are: ruby, sapphire, colored sapphires, tourmaline (blue, orange, purple, yellow, two-color but not including watermelon tourmaline), Alexander stone, zircon (green, orange, yellow, red), amethyst, spinel (all colors), olivine, cordierite; the three types of clarity gems have more and more obvious inclusions, representative varieties are: emerald, tourmaline (red, pink, watermelon tourmaline).

It is worth mentioning that although the clarity of the emerald is not so high, it is ranked among the top gemstones by the gorgeous emerald green, and the price even exceeds other kinds of gemstones with good clarity.

Zhang Jun emphasized that the nature, size, quantity, position and color of each gemstone are different, so it is not possible to determine the grade by simple type. For example, the inclusion of a gemstone is obvious and located in the middle, so its value is very low, because such inconvenience is concealed by means of inlaying and the like.

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