Classic story women's elegant dress interpretation of wild temperament

Classic story Women's brand of service in elegant temperament, without losing energy, doing things calmly, highlight the confidence and wisdom of modern urban women. With classic, elegant fashion design style, full of mature women's own charm. Spring and summer 2013, classic story ladies will be quite artistic sense of chiffon skirt perfect to create, to meet the needs of women dress more occasions, the interpretation of the aesthetic holiday style.


High slits style design is the autumn and winter 2013 International Fashion Week, one of the popular trends, earth color animal dresses quite vertical sense, elegant and Xianqi full, upper body tight knit shirt, elegant and wild perfect mix.

经典故事女装 飘逸长裙演绎野性气质

Heap collar long section dress is very suitable for tall MM, you can enjoy the elegance of femininity, animal pattern rather wild charm, the waist belt has become the division of gold body proportions of the wonderful single product accessories.

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