Congratulate Dan Shier Geer added a new member of the new store opened to wish the business is booming

Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, Dan Shier Geer womenswear once again came good news, following the opening of Guangxi Liuzhou store, Dan Shier Geer added another new member of women, warm congratulations Dan Shirley Women Fenggang County, Zunyi, Guizhou Jufu Long mall counters on the second floor grand opening today! Opening a new store I wish the business is booming! Financial sources wide into!


The new store opened, the store was beaming, pink and purple balloons embellishment to the store added a bit more festive feeling, and exquisite decoration design is understated and elegant atmosphere, so that every one into the shop customers in the selection of clothing but also Feel the charm of the brand store design.

祝贺丹诗格尔女装再添新成员 新店开张祝生意兴隆

September's weather has begun to turn cooler, smart girls, of course, to begin to prepare for their own autumn, then what is the trend of this year's autumn? Want to know the answer, just go into Dan Shigel new store to see to know! Many autumn new listing, fashionable, full size, style and diverse, whether it is like ladylike style, or elegant Fan, can be in Danish Geeru women pick their favorite style!

祝贺丹诗格尔女装再添新成员 新店开张祝生意兴隆

Finally, by this opening of joy, Dancing women all the staff I wish you a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Family reunion! Everything goes smoothly!

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