Congratulations Mummy Star Jiangxi Pengze store grand opening!

November 29 morning, Pengze County, Jiangxi Province, four diagonally across the fiery arch, the vocal joking, Mommy Star Pengze shop grand opening! Farther away, there are children pulling her mother's hand to compete for the newly opened Mummy Star shop. "Auntie, I want a balloon dog, my brother wants a magic lollipop ..." "I want, I first came ... ..." "I want to take a photo with the bear to magic balloon ... ..." wearing a bear Oversized sister in a large cartoon costume imitates Bear's classic gestures and interacts with the children from time to time. Suddenly, the store lively, adults are more, the selection of colored goods. Winter flavor has been thick, it is the mothers who consider the new clothes on the child, Mum 's star Pengze shop opened a timely series of special promotions, the opening of big pay neighborhood neighbors. As early as a few days ago, the company supervised and rushed to Pengze to assist the opening of new stores. Wang also made full preparations in advance, publicity color pages, mobile advertising vehicles, POP production, shop decoration and so on. Supervision led the attachment primary school, cell door distribution color pages, and prepared a number of magic balloon to children, once caused children and parents fighting for ... ... the preparation of the full, there will be a hot scene opened today. Here, let us wish Pengzedian business is booming! Financial sources wide into! Mummy Star children's clothing Chengzhao Join Free Join Hotline: Tel: Fax: Address: Shijie Town, Dongguan City, Dan Gui Road, Building 23, Jurong because care, so hard, because care , So dedicated, Mummy's Star, dedicated to your dedication!

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