Congratulations: You Xizi, Nanxiang Town, Jiading, Shanghai has been grandly opened

Congratulations: in Shanghai Jiading Nanxiang town scenic Yossi child has grand opening! New store opened, a lot of new products, a lot of concessions, all kinds of awards waiting for your arrival! Local MM hurry up now.


YXZ Youxi sub-style with European leisure, fashion, leisure and Japan and South Korea elegant, respect for nature, the pursuit of hot trends is the designer's attitude to life, but also "YOUXIZI Youxi" interpretation and promotion of the concept of dress.


Fabric with silk, cotton, wool-based natural fiber fabrics, comfortable, natural, full interpretation of "idle, elegant, natural" design theme.


Style is a single product is reasonable, wearing strong, with a wealth of insight, "YOUXIZI You Xizi," the pursuit of the color of the calm, elegant, easy to match the neutral color as the basic color, accompanied by trendy highlights for embellishment and excellent pictures. The overall design is based on nature and coordination. Rich design details are inspired by the arts, nature and life. With exquisite details, the process and exquisite version are shaped to create a modern and concise image of knowledgeable women.

Silk Fabric

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