Diamond falsification simulation high

Diamond falsification simulation high Although diamonds do not have the same treatment as gems, they are more prominent on the issue of true and false.

However, relative to collections such as paintings and calligraphy, the true and false judgments of jewelry are still relatively simple. "The appraisal of jewellery has formed a complete set of standards, such as color, precision, and there will be certificates. But if you look at paintings, there may be no certificates, so the water will be deeper. The diamonds we auctioned at Bang Musi Each one has a certificate, so it will be relatively secure."

However, due to the development of science and technology, the degree of fake falsification of diamonds can be very high at present, and counterfeit things are constantly emerging. “Large auction houses generally do the identification in advance. And the jewellery industry is also very concerned about the news of fraud. For example, there is news that there is a high degree of diamond simulation, and no instruments are detected, but once this happens, Immediately there will be researchers to unlock the code and then develop a test program.For example, there was a treatment for diamonds called HPHT, which was processed under high pressure and high pressure, but the GIA Institute can now detect it. Very united, the news on the international market will be announced to each other. Therefore, jewelry is relatively orderly."

So, the advice on the diamond collection is sure to look at the certificate. "General diamonds with certificates can be collected with confidence, but if there is no certificate, be careful."

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