Does the salesperson rely on discounted prices?

[China Glass Network] Imagine this situation. After a long period of hard work and hard work in the year to win your sales goals, you can finally meet your customers who will probably sign a contract with you to reach your goal. If you quote a standard price for your client, you will reach your goal in the end and will receive a special bonus (which you have been craving). If you frequently quote a discounted price, you will only achieve a 95% goal, which means you will still have your job, but no special rewards. Will you quote the price to the customer?
If you are like other sales people, choose "regular discount price" instead of quoting a higher price so you can get your bonus. In fact, most sales people are so accustomed to quoting discounted prices, they already don't know how to quote higher prices.
In addition to bad sales habits, most people are averse to risk, not preference risk. That is to say, most salespeople prefer to offer low prices and ensure safety, instead of reporting high prices and losing everything. What most sales people should have done from the beginning is how to win, but they often just want to avoid losses.
Although you can generate some sales when the offer is low, some problems will still arise. When you quote the customer a discounted price, some customers will still bargain and want to get a lower price. This is one of the things that makes the sales manager busy, which is a restriction other than the discount that is specifically approved. If I am a sales manager, I will say "no" every time, unless it is a very exceptional case.
There are also some reasons why salespeople cannot offer higher prices. From the customer's point of view, they may not see the value they can get after paying the price. However, in most cases, the salesperson does not believe that the real value of the price they reported can actually be quoted to the customer.
There are several ways to overcome this bad sales habit:
One of the methods will be to impose a gradual increase in price on your future offer. Or your manager can implement a lower discount and simply say "no" when asking for further discounts.
Another way is to learn from those who can report higher prices and also sign contracts, rather than 90% of the complaints about the sales due to financial difficulties. You should learn more from 10% of salespeople who can successfully increase their selling prices in times of economic hardship.
While you may not find all of their tactics and strategies that apply to you, take those that you think are useful and apply as soon as possible!
If you think it's necessary to take this step, get help from your manager to promote you and those who have succeeded from your other colleagues, so that more of your colleagues can learn to sell higher. The price, meet their goals and stop whining.

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