Eall.cz Women's Clothing Co., Ltd. to share with you: Top 10 locations for women's clothing stores

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Eall.cz Women's Clothing Co., Ltd. to share with you: Top 10 locations for women's clothing stores

Modern urban women like to go shopping and shopping in leisure time. Ms. prefer shopping compared to men. Therefore, the location of women's clothing is very important. To open stores in places where women often visit, the sales of shops can be improved. The following Eall.cz Yi women's wear shares with you: Top ten locations for women's clothing stores.
Women are more dependent on site selection than men. To open a women's clothing store, you need to work hard on your location. A good women's clothing store is a prerequisite for success in the women's business. Once you decide to open a store, you must make a comprehensive survey of the selected locations to understand the population density, popularity, and so on. Opening the location of women's clothing stores is very particular, generally should grasp the following 10 details.
1. Convenient transportation. Convenient transportation is an important guarantee for adequate passenger flow. Shops in the streets near the main station or within a 20-minute walk of the customer can use convenient transportation. To choose which side is more conducive to business, one needs to observe pedestrian traffic on both sides of the road. It is better to use more pedestrians.
2. Location where people are concentrated. For example, near theaters, movie theaters, parks, etc., entertainment venues, or near large factories and agencies, this can attract travelers. On the other hand, it is easy for customers to remember the location of the shop. Customers who come and visit will be introduced to others. Easy to guide people to patronize.
3. Select a location where the population increases rapidly. The development of enterprises, residential areas and municipalities will bring more customers to the stores and make them more potential for development.
4. To select less sideways or obstacles on one side. In many cases, pedestrians have to concentrate on avoiding vehicles or other pedestrians in order to cross the road and ignore the shops on the side.
5. Choose Commercial Street. In the long-term operation, a market in a certain street spontaneously forms a “centralized market” for the sale of a certain type of goods. It turns out that for those shops that operate durable goods, if they can concentrate on a certain lot or block, they can attract more. customer. Because people think of this place when they think of buying a product.
6. After selecting the mall, choose a good location. Female customers are more concerned with “feeling” and “position” can give people a “feeling” of the shopping environment in space. Female customers are naturally "feeling" bad about "snapping around corners" or finding shops that are crowded with many brands. Especially in the case of little difference between clothing and storefront decoration, most female customers will feel that “only better brand talents occupy a more important position” and thus choose clothing with better store locations.
7. With the help of big brand stores. That is to say, women's stores can be opened near famous chain stores or brand stores, and they can even be opened next to it. With supermarkets, commercial buildings, restaurants, 24-hour pharmacies, coffee shops, tea houses, bars, schools, banks, post offices, laundries, print shops, community service centers, community cultural and sports centers, and other strong brand stores and public Location adjacent. Taking advantage of their branding effects, they can not only save time and effort in visiting the shops, but also use their branding effects to “pick” some customers.
8. Located in the commercial center street. East-west streets are best to sit north and south; north-south streets are best to sit west-east, as far as possible at the northwest corner of the intersection. In addition, the trigeminal intersection is a good place; it is not advisable to open a shop on the slope road; the ground level of the road and the shop cannot be too different.
9. To choose a store with advertising space. Some storefronts do not have independent facades, and they naturally lose their own advertising space in front of the store, leaving you with no room to "play" marketing wisdom in front of the store.
10. Choose a location that is hot from cold to hot. Instead of choosing a business location that is now favored by the business, it is better to choose a street or an urban area that is not yet favored by the cold in the near future.
Under normal circumstances, women will choose the clothes city and the commercial street where the clothes shop is concentrated when shopping, because there are many clothes available for comparison. This is also determined by the psychology of women's shopping. So you should consider choosing the former. As for the problem of insufficient funds, although the investment in women's clothing stores is many, some tricks can be adopted in some aspects. It is possible to produce shelves and props on site, save production costs, transportation costs, time and less damage. For example, you can first clean the store, so that it can make the store clean and tidy, but also spend less to achieve better results. At the same time, proper use of mirrors during the renovation will make the shop look bright and bright. You may wish to invest more in the fitting room and do the details. Appropriate placement of clothes, accessories, models, and decorations will also add a lot to your clothing store.

Eall.cz Women's Clothing Co., Ltd. to share with you: Top 10 locations for women's clothing stores

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