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In recent years, China's children's wear market has maintained a steady growth in 2010, China's retail sales of children's clothing reached 103.2 billion yuan, is expected by 2013, retail sales will reach 150 billion yuan when the peak. At the same time, the consumption of children's wear by urban residents is rising rapidly at a rate of 29.3%. Compared with the strong demand in the market, the current output of children's clothing in China accounts for only about 6% of the total output of clothing. The annual output of children's wear is only over 600 million pieces, Serious imbalance in supply and demand, disparity in the production and marketing ratio, so that children's clothing has become a very investment potential of the industry. Who can identify the situation, quickly follow up, entrepreneurship children's clothing market, will be able to share children's clothing wealth cake. Children's clothing industry is a sunrise industry apparel industry, a broad market prospects for entrepreneurs rush, but not all children's clothing brand can make money. Zhuowei Le children's wear, hired well-known domestic designers, designers in Europe and the United States to develop cooperation, the brand will always walk in the forefront of the populace, as the industry leader in wealth! Guangzhou Zhuowei Dress Co., Ltd. Address: Panyu District, Guangzhou, Luo Ying Road on the 99th Zhuo Wei Business Building, 4th Floor, Whole Floor Tel: / Fax: Mobile: Manager Huang E-mail: ] Website:

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