Erdos cashmere sweater custom cleaning operation is not easy


Many people have bought cashmere sweaters, cashmere sweaters for raw materials, precious cashmere sweaters to join the high-priced clothes, wearing dirty clothes need to spend all the money to wash, afraid to wash their own, always afraid of bad cashmere sweater custom-made different wear and tear. Some people simply don't buy or wear because of the problem of pure cashmere sweater cleaning, and envy others who like to take extremes.

In Ordos cashmere and other high-end clothing cherish, but can not wash for a long time yet? How to wash cashmere sweater, do not worry about it? In fact, there is no mystery to wash cashmere, it is very simple, according to my own clean cashmere sweater agent for many years The feeling, as long as you choose the right detergent, mastered the cleaning points and methods is not a problem, the cleaning effect is not bad professional laundry.

May wish to wash I always insist on using cashmere sweater (I wear all Ordos cashmere sweater) method introduced to everyone is free, and resource sharing?

The first one is to choose a suitable detergent. Washing men's cashmere sweaters must use a non-neutral detergent enzyme composition, which not only damages cashmere, but also acts as fluffy and soft, does not use chemical fertilizers, washing powder and shampoos contain bleaching function to avoid damage to your cashmere sweater.

The second is to master the foam and washing methods. First, join the cashmere sweater at about 35 °C with a neutral detergent dissolved in warm water (the cashmere sweater of different colors should not be soaked and cleaned together, it will be Cao into a string of color), soak for 20 minutes. Then carefully rub gently with your hands, unlike the ordinary washing clothes, otherwise it will cause the cashmere sweater to play ball, stiffness or felt.

The third is further cleaning. Wash with warm water from 35°C to 40°C two or three times, and then customize a cashmere sweater soaked in a small vinegar or clean water softener so that the softness will be better.

Fourth, before drying and removing water, it is best to put the pure cashmere sweater into the bag and gently squeeze it, do not wring it out, and do not expose it to sunlight to avoid deformation of the cashmere sweater.

As long as you follow the above method to wash cashmere sweater custom you sure this is correct, this is my many years of mature experience, provided to you free of charge, so that those who do not refer to cashmere sweater friend is a good thing?

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