Fascinate brand underwear, red and black are irresistible color of the Chinese women underwear

Modern women wearing underwear is no longer just a simple piece of clothing to wear, to show a more personal interest and personal desires. Although underwear only hides in a small corner of the clothes, but its status in the hearts of women is very important. Chinese women all hope that they either hide in it and never show people. If you want to show people, you should make a stunning appearance. Most women are actively preparing for this very small number of people and are waiting to show their best.

The study found that: red and black, is the most difficult to resist the two Chinese women underwear color.


Red represents auspicious, festivity, warm, unrestrained, passionate and fighting spirit in China. Chinese women in the selection of underwear love red because red represents the color of love. Red traditionally said happy, such as the wedding like to use red to decorate, red is also easy to attract people's attention, from the physiological point of view, red is considered to elicit the secretion of male hormones. Every woman wants to have a hot love, so the inner desire to communicate through the underwear these things to convey.

At the same time, China Red is a symbol of wealth and auspiciousness, so why not do it with a piece of clothing that brings the gospel to yourself. Therefore, Chinese people choose red underwear in their own life to pray for wealth and good fortune. This kind of religious thought is greatly respected by Chinese women. Many people, even if they are not native, both love the red in their heart or in their aesthetics.


Fashionable people say that black represents the mysterious, avant-garde people that black represents cool, mature people say black represents dignified. Almost all kinds of black women are put it down.

Black gives the impression that noble, silent, quiet, unpredictable and profound. Women wearing black underwear gives the feeling of male protection. It can make noble with a hint of majestic momentum, but also with a little mysterious sexy color. Women want to show their own sexy, noble, like to do a glamorous "glamorous", of course, black has become their best choice.

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