Fashion bloom! Congratulations to HON.B Hong Beiyi Hubei Yichang store grand opening!

Recently, Rongzi Group's women's brand HON.B Red Belle entered the city of Yichang, the most blissful city in Hubei Province. Fashion bloom~ Warm congratulations to HON.B Red Beibei Hubei Yichang shop grand opening! ! !

HON.B Red Belle dresses are simple, elegant and stylish. They are composed of three series of elegant daily wear, weekend holiday wear and Party dress.

The design of the store is simple and elegant, showing elegance and fashion. With the warmest service and excellent quality, you are leading you to an extraordinary Red Belle fashion tour.

On the opening day, the guests of the store were so full of clouds that they couldn't communicate and the small partners were busy. It is our duty to create beauty for you! Quickly accelerate your pace, come to HON.B Red Belle beautiful transformation! ! !

Hubei Yichang shop store address: 4th Floor, Yichang Guomao, No. 106 Dongshan Avenue, Yichang City, Hubei Province

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