Fashion fish children's clothing, confidence in the future success!

Fashion children's clothing for children to create a confident future for their children, from childhood to cultivate their beautiful fashion ideas, each childrenswear and apparel will be popular with the child's childhood, elegance and small floral style, different floral style, bring Different visual effects, to show children's different childhood style. 2002 "fashion fish" children's wear brand was formally established. To lead the fashion trend of children's wear in black and white. 2003 "Fashion fish" officially launched the first generation of monopoly terminal image, successfully stationed in the famous shopping malls, such as 100 headquarters, Friendship headquarters and other famous department store. 2004 Pearl River Delta region self-service shop system started. In 2005 the number of direct marketing network stores exceeded 100. In 2006 launched a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting system and won the "China Commodity Security Center unit" title. In 2007, "Fashion Fish" dissolves into the concept of changing colors from black and white, advancing with the times and once again reaching the peak of children's fashion. In 2008 by the national apparel authority review, successfully nominated "top ten children's clothing brand in Guangdong", debut China clothing apparel exposition. 2009 "Fashion Fish" has our mission "to let children grow up in confidence." 2010 new image officially launched, come back from the retro trend. 2011 is the "fish" different fashion fish chain stores and franchises to join the form. In 2013, the fashion fish has now reached more than 500 outlets across the country! !

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    This valve product is comprised of valve body, disc, stem and Seal Ring. It offers various actuation options including electrical, manual, pneumatic and control apparatus.
    This state-of-the-art triple offset design ensures zero leakage, immediate closing and opening and frictionless closure, thus replacing traditional Gate, Globe and Ball valves.

Stainless Steel Seal Ring

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