Fashion Gifts: Year of the Snake Gold Snake

Fashion Gifts: Year of the Snake Gold Snake Near the end of the year, Lunar New Year's economy is heating up. At present, the snake year zodiac gold bars of some jewellery stores in Anshan are on the market, ranging in weight from 10 grams to hundreds of grams. With the rising value of "gold", gold and other gold crafts have gradually become the most fashionable gifts.

Yesterday in front of the station a number of jewelry shops, just put on the counter zodiac snake gold bars from 10 grams to hundreds of grams, different weight specifications lined up, attracting the attention of many customers. Various jewelry stores have different pricing methods for zodiac gold bars. For example, a jewelry store is based on the retail price of thousands of kilograms and receives an additional 10 yuan per gram. Another jewellery shop is priced only at the retail price of 1,000 kilograms. No process fee.

In recent years, the value of “gold” has continuously increased, and the current retail price has reached 400 yuan/g. Therefore, at the end of the year, the zodiac bar has become one of the most scarce gifts. Some jewelry stores sold out of stock on the Chinese zodiac bar even before New Year's Day last year. Emergency replenishment from the factory. Some jewellery stores said that many units buy dozens of gold bars at one time and give them as gifts to customers. The gold bar market for 10g-30g is the most demanding.

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