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Now, the fashion industry, fast fashion brand to "fast, ruthless, prospective" as the main features of fashion clothing, take the "first-class design, second-rate fabrics and third-rate prices" model, because of its new fashion, fast to shop And has the characteristics of popular prices in the Chinese market is very popular. Fast fashion brand is generally optimistic about the industry, many big-name apparel have also said that water will be fast fashion. For franchisees, the choice of a new fast fashion brand introduction to the mainland market is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity. Today, Xiaobian recommend you from Hong Kong's fast fashion brand "two percent (2%)." Hong Kong Two Percent (2% Two Percent) Innovative and unique textile design combined with trendy accessories make you feel like a young Japanese hipster living on the streets of Tokyo. Hong Kong 2% (2% Two Percent) design into the influx of Tokyo to the avant-garde young style, and use the most fashionable quarter of each color. Two Percent Hong Kong (2% Two Percent) focuses on the mix and match concept of street mashups, which make the design changeable and brightly colored. It definitely matches the needs of young influxes. Two Percent (2% Two Percent) "gathered" the design elite in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asian regions to create a 2% exclusive style of Japan to become the trend of women's fashion tide in Asia. Hong Kong 2% (2% Two Percent) product line quite diverse, from women's, men's, accessories, dolls, home accessories, set a variety of living elements in one. So far, already in Shanghai, Guangdong and other first-tier cities based, a broader blank area market in urgent need of you to dig! Join Contact: Company Name: Shanghai Xingtai International Trade Co., Ltd. Join Hotline: (021) 6136 4055 Fax: (021) 6131-4053 Address: No. 9 Jianguo Road 25 Building

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