Fen Yi 2010 autumn and winter warm pajamas bright and elegant eternal theme

Elegant and elegant theme of Feiyi 2010 autumn and winter warm pajamas series

Love is the eternal theme, even though it is invisible, it can transcend all the secular obstacles, connecting you with my oath. Have countless hopes for the love we came to that sacred moment, how to testify for love, decorate for love, love for blessing, because of love and more beautiful. Nothing lightens me more beautiful skin in the white than red, nothing more representative of the festivities and wishes of the moment than red. When the bright wedding encounter carved embroidery lace, romanticism hazy yarn encountered bright and elegant diamonds, delicate exquisite pleated lace encounter elegant elegant silk

A sign of grace, an elegant symbol of modern women. Fenyi as a fashion underwear brand, modern women's attitude to life as the core, to shape the physical health of women in the United States to provide the ultimate personal pleasure for the ultimate pursuit.

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