Gu dance summer women's summer new style to create a beautiful summer LOOK

From France, elegant women 's representative of the " ancient dance color ", it has the "Mood for Love" under the shadow of grace, with the "Roman Holiday" in the sunshine smiley elegant. Simple design, stylish details, fluent cut, interpretation of modern women's self-confidence and charm. This summer brings you more freshness and texture.


Dressed in green dress, simple and atmospheric, but in the printing design has spent a great deal of time to construct. Bra-style beam chest paved with leopard lines, and V-neck echo, revealing a different kind of sexy taste. Tailor-made mix of the skirt on the large area visually gives a great impact. Puff Sleeve and double design more details of the details of the exquisite.

古舞花色女装夏日新品 打造夏日清丽LOOK

H word skirt to join the elements of the cake skirt, skirt skirt to superimposed skirt to create layers of feeling, rich sense of hierarchy. Seawater blue added slightest bright white, like a quiet sea projection of the mottled moonlight, full of artistic conception. Slim cut more graceful figure, elegant fullness.

Cotton Embroidery

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