Guge increase marketing efforts, brand promotion to promote business performance

Guge increase the promotion, brand promotion of investment performance. Brand, is the core of an enterprise, is the charm of the characteristics of the enterprise. For franchisee brand introduction, this is Guge investment an important core. Franchisee can get from the brand to join the corresponding market preferential profits, investment in the initial operation can be greatly reduced, which is the universal attraction of the brand to join.


But if franchisees simply think that the introduction of the brand is the focus of store operations, it is not right. There are many brand management cases are very good show that the end of the brand does not mean that the end of all imports, in order to promote the store sales performance improvement, more important job is to help and promote supplier performance improvement.

In all aspects of investment are the costs, investment failure will increase business costs. Therefore, Gu Ge faced franchisees, stressed the maintenance of the brand after the introduction should be taken seriously, and the maintenance of the brand in the final analysis is how to maintain good relations with the franchise, which is the so-called mutual benefit relationship.
Guge brand, after more than ten years of precipitation, have their own corporate image and cultural heritage. What we want is a home-like atmosphere for the vast majority of consumers and a focus on family growth, with an emphasis on understanding the Nordic way of life and allowing consumers in the Chinese market to become more and more fond of Guggenheim.

T/C AND 100% COTTON Woven Fusible Interlining(HDPE/LDPE COATING)

1. Features:

     -- More even and smoothly grey cloth

     -- Handfeel:Soft,Medium,Medium Hard and Hard as customers' require

     -- Perfect bonding strength

     -- Excellent shrinkage control

     -- Garantee for washable,dry-washable

2. Technical Data:

     -- Gray cloth: 100% cotton

     -- Width: 112cm

3.Packing:50M/Y per roll, 2rolls per bag

Shoulder Interlining

Shoulder Interlining,White Shoulder Interlining,Black Color Shoulder Interlining,Red Shoulder Interlining

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