Haijia Shi Hyclass - precision brand positioning, women's brand of choice

Haijia Shi Hyclass - a single product free to mix and match the wind

Designed for women who prefer free fashion mashups, they prefer fashion and individuality to free and European style. Concise lines, chic hand-stitching and precise tailoring are the favorites of Hyclass women's consumers. Different occasions dress choice.

Hyacs Hyclass - Delicate sexy dress

Haijia Shi color more feminine, stylish and elegant dress to the delicate, delicate and delicate Korean pop elements and the integration of international trends; use of superior fabrics, both the modern women's simple value orientation, models High-end unique beauty, attention to detail version of the exquisite, Haijia Shi's color so that the unique charm of modern women deduced colorful beautiful! Adhering to the urban women's pursuit of fashion lifestyle taste, formed by the brand's unique charm of fashion: delicate sexy dress.

Sea Jia Shi Hyclass - a new fashion portfolio

Haijia Shi brand positioning in urban women, the pursuit of fashion style of fashion women. Advocating the pursuit of the latest fashion trends; known for its rapid quarter of quarter, fabric matching with meticulous design, the formation of a new type of fashion portfolio for the main line category; rapid popularity and rapid match is the charm of the sea Jia Shi.


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