Hollow suit sweater with light-colored sweater with what color

Now many people are completely irresistible to the sweater, the early autumn season with a thin sweater can be very eye-catching, Eliza women's pullover with what, knitwear what color is better-looking, light-colored sweater suitable What color with it? Today are all for you one by one.


Alisa women's pink sweater style take a pure white shirt style, this mix is ​​not very common? However, this color has enough eye absorption, lower body with a white shorts, you can also follow your own favorite, with black shorts can be oh.

镂空套装针织衫搭配 亮色针织衫配什么颜色

Yellow hollow sweater style, the yellow skin color, this hollow knit shirt with a halter top plus package hip denim skirt, can also be fitted with self-denim feet pants, two kinds of wear are absolutely appropriate, with the knit shirt can Let women more fashion self-confidence, you can also reduce age.

Women's thick bottom sandals and slippers, high-end quality, fashionable design, comfortable experience, wearing slippers in public is a fashion (especially for women). These women are "Slipper women". Because many so-called "slippers" of girls are very beautiful and fashionable.Many styles and colors

Women Slipper

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