In 2015, the most lucky crystal 貔貅, when you choose the right, you will make a fortune!

What is the best material? As the big scorpion of the five great beasts, the shackles that have been blessed by the rehearsal have the effect of saving money and helping the town. At present, there are various materials in the market, but the different materials have different functions, and have a certain targeted solution. Let's take a look at the various features introduced before making a decision.

Crystal is a kind of ancient gemstone. It is a kind of mineral that is said to be spiritual. It is called the magic weapon of the elf in the stone in the natural world. The special molecular structure and the eternal acceptance of the essence of the sun and the earth for thousands of years, With super gas field energy, it has incredible magical power. For example, citrine, citrine, also known as "stone of wealth", citrine is wisdom and joy, a symbol of peace and friendship can stabilize people's mind, balance between reason and sensibility, can calm emotions, not easy to impulsive, It can make us confident and have the ability to reduce fear and at the same time enhance our mind's self-consciousness.


The hair crystal is the king of the crystal family, the most powerful energy, symbolizing great auspiciousness, wealth, such as the blessing of the gods. Hair crystal has six main energy, main wealth, partial wealth, popularity, evil spirits, health, anti-little people. The hair crystal is distinguished from the blonde crystal and the titanium crystal. The difference is only in the growth process, the thickness is different or the growth mode is different. The blonde crystal is also called Venus hair crystal, because its golden hair crystal looks like Venus. Soft blond hair only. Titanium crystal is called gold in crystal, and its market value is more precious and more collectible than gold. Titanium crystal crucible is the most difficult, because it consumes the most raw materials and rarely meets it, and the energy combined with titanium crystal material has the function of super-strong and powerful fortune, and has the powerful function of protecting evil spirits and protecting the spirit of the gods and beasts. Can bless generations of peace.


Obsidian has a strong evil spirits and protects the body. This is the most obvious in the role of obsidian. The energy of obsidian itself is very pure and very strong, and it is extremely effective in preventing evil. Wearing natural obsidian scorpion helps to ward off evil and smear the body, while also avoiding bad luck. Obsidian is also not suitable for people who are old enough to wear, and those who are too old to wear, can be used as the best evil spirits and amulets. There is no doubt that the obsidian scorpion is used to exorcise evil spirits in the wind and water, and the power of the town house is undoubted. According to legend, I love the taste of gold and silver treasures, and often bite back to the gold and silver treasures to please the master's favor, so it is said that this is a fortune. Therefore, there is another function of Wang Cai.


South Red Dragonfly


Platinum Crystal is a natural crystal that uses natural crystals from the Brazilian mining area to create high-quality crystal jewelry. More crystal crystals create your own natural crystal jewelry.

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