Joe goods leisure women's release of women's fashion atmosphere

Qiao goods clothing to simple, stylish, elegant, oriental atmosphere design style, to fashion for leisure, fashion to feel simple advocating realm, shaping the elegant character of fashion protagonists, the pursuit of Oriental women exquisite quality sense, completely released here Out of her personality, but also highlight the oriental women's fashion atmosphere.


Qiao goods apparel fashion casual fabrics to join the international fashion elements and spiritual design techniques, and firmly grasp the current international and domestic popular colors, the use of clever strong brand charm decorative design, the courage to break, giving a fresh look, give them a belt To international fresh fashion message, so that the new interpretation of urban women's fashion, luxury and simple, leisure and style of clothing concept. Dongguan City, Long Products Co., Ltd. is a textiles clothing technology research and development, manufacturing, marketing and brand operations in one of the integrated enterprise, the initial in 2003, the main fabric and clothing materials, in 2011 the company developed the design of Joe goods Women , Mainly to cotton, linen, silk fabrics as the main line, supplemented by other synthetic fabrics fashion city brand.