Joe silk women's spring 2013 new dress summon the United States wake up

The advent of spring, the United States wake up call, Joe silk women's 2013 spring new fashion feminine dress elegant and refined, elegant and fresh, sophisticated Iraqis.


A romantic classic satin suit, classic small round V-neck, chic and novel, so that the clavicle looming, charming charm, chic elegant shoulder rotator, a woman with a very gentle lumbar precision cut, beautiful lines, highlighting your perfect body, Give the curve of beauty.

乔帛女装2013春季新款连衣裙  召唤美的苏醒

V-neck design is full of female sexy charming clavicle, waist gorgeous beaded flower decoration, is the highlight of the whole YY, with a touch of European retro style, elegant tone not only highlight the noble temperament, as well as enhance the role of skin tone. Pro, so unique temperament skirt worth starting, let your own charm!

The Womens Wetsuit Top is more refer to the styles with zippers front. And it always comes in different beautiful pattern colors to distinguish it from Mens Wetsuit Top. The most common thickness should be 2mm, 3mm. And it is flatlock stitching. You can wear it for snorkeling and surfing and swimming. It's not suitable for scuba diving.

Womens Wetsuit Top

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