KIR brand men's Khaki series men with a demonstration

Khaki always gives a tepid feeling, but it is the share of tepid neutral color, creating a more modeling possibilities. KIR brand "charming shallow card ‖ fashion business" series of men's, British style wind design and cutting more concise, more self-cultivation, and practicality. And on the basis of the classic fashion than the American design adds a gentleman charm and college temperament. Below with Xiaobian take a look! The stitching color men's jacket, the theme of the fresh white, plus the collar and the waist at both sides of the khaki splicing in this "chemical" role, so that this jacket jacket enhances the visual three-dimensional sense, More stylish atmosphere. With a dark navy blue striped sweater, wearing a black suit casual pants & khaki casual shoes, so with the immediately transform you gentle gentleman. Light khaki business casual jacket, zipper and button with a double skirt design, as well as a rich texture of fabrics, more stylish. And the jacket stand out dark stripes embellishment, adding layers of color sense, so that the whole will not be too monotonous. Collision with the color of the knit shirt or shirt + black casual suit pants, are very wild look Oh! Light khaki men's suits, dignified, fresh and restrained colors, with good age reduction effect, with stylish version of the design, with light blue floral shirt & dark gray casual pants, plus On the black shoes, they naturally distributed gentleman's literary temperament. Khaki casual pants are also hot single product. KIR darker color of this khaki, eye-catching color, with a navy blue pullover, the color of both hit a unique fashion flavor, with a pair of British style dark khaki casual shoes, rolled up trousers slightly, Exposing a sexy ankle, so with the more fashionable feel!

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