Lang Dai International 10th Anniversary Reception & New Products M.HITI China and the United States shocked the curtain call

July 13, lasted three days of the thirteenth China (Shenzhen) international brand apparel trade fairs in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center perfect curtain call. The fair static exhibition area of ​​over 70,000 square meters, more than 3300 booths, nearly a thousand domestic and foreign brands exhibitors. This year is attracting nine tide brand in Taiwan, more than 20 Korean fashion brand, the French high-level women's clothing and many other domestic and international fashion brand dances. Unique booth design, the use of a variety of popular clothing elements, all known as the "design capital" of Shenzhen became the world's attention fashion show. As the second largest trade show in China, the annual Shenzhen Trade Fair has become a fashionable event sought after by fashion professionals and has drawn the attention of fashion media from across the country. Let's take a look at Langde International's comprehensive performance at this year's show.

In this year's Shenzhen Trade Fair opening ceremony, Langde International won the Shenzhen Apparel Innovation Brand Award nomination. At the exhibition site, Langde International pavilion design also attracted many visitors to enjoy, a touch of red dress, classic, atmosphere, beautiful. The entire exhibition hall to "MYMO YEARS" the main show of the show, showing the international brand MYMO Langdai since its establishment in 2003, a decade of classic brand image, the exhibition loop video looping Lundy's catwalk and a group with the video echoes The real autumn and winter this year, the latest product display, rich retro style, the exhibition hall also has a non-stop play clothing catwalk, so that visitors in the classic nostalgia taste of the unique brand innovation.

Industry concern to convey family blessings

At 8 o'clock on the July 12th, Langde International hosted the 10th anniversary celebrations hosted by the Long Beach Overseas Chinese Town Happy Coast Chuangshen Cultural Center in Shenzhen, giving all guests a great surprise. On the evening, Ms. Lin Jie, vice chairman of CPPCC Shenzhen, Mr. Shen Yongfang, president of Shenzhen Garment Industry Association, Mr. Zhang Nianjun, vice president of Fashion Bazaar, Ms. Sun Yajun, editor in chief of Fashion Health, Mr. Linghu Lie, vice president of Phoenix Satellite TV, Miss Phoenix Chen, host of Phoenix Satellite TV, came to the scene of the party. CCTV, Beijing TV station, Jiangsu Satellite TV, fashion life house, Phoenix Fashion, YOKA fashion and many other media friends gathered together to witness Langde International's 10-year history.

As the authority of the industry, President Shen Yongfang delivered a sincere and sincere speech, affirming Langdai's growth over the past ten years. "Lang Dai is like a little girl, who has started his business and grew up to grow up today , Ten years to become a big girl, the middle of the Lanty people work together. "Simultaneously, Shen also expressed his wishes and dedication to Lang Dai." Lang Dai's success can only represent today, Lang Dai need more efforts , A decade, a hundred times, a thousand times hard to make a more international Lang Land, let the world pay more attention to Lang Dai.

Ms. Su Yingbo, the general manager of Langde International, also gave a speech on the development of Langde over the past ten years. She expressed her gratitude to all the partners and Lang Dai, all the leaders and friends who have given Lang Dai care and support over the years. Thank you. At the same time, expressed firm confidence in embarking on a new journey

Beautiful show to create a romantic atmosphere

Langde International this creatively chose the like UFO-like mysterious UFO styling Shenzhen Happy Coast Exhibition Center as the scene of the party, clever use of a unique exhibition center creative sense of space, blue background lighting and star in the Light and shadow interlaced flow mirror and mirrors in the gorgeous show to the party to create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. The party held a series of wonderful videos in clever concatenation, cleverly connecting the ten-year history of Longyear to its ten-year history, and gave the whole festival a particularly warm and vibrant atmosphere. Supermodel Li Ai presided over the entire event, that night she was dressed in Lang Dai M.HITI XII for her tailor-made high-level dress, elegant, graceful and pleasant, the atmosphere of the host style of fresh, humorous language, really Highlight a lot of activities.

Mysterious T station design opened M.HITI Hee-hee International

T station is also quite unique design, without any decoration is actually a white background full of doors, open fan-shaped tunnel diffused, behind the projected light, so that T station from time to time with the future through time and space misplaced sense. International high-end fashion Van's new product M.HITI Jiro's debut shocking audience.

In the interview with us, Lotte International General Su revealed that M.Hilli is the high-end boutique women's brand launched by Langde International following MYMO. It advocates the wisdom of life to wear to the urban women in a minimalist way More personalized choice of quality, pure and noble elegance in the right mix of simple and neat modern sense.

The overall performance of M.HITI was really exciting on the spot, and the designer's gratifying pampered handling of minimalistic luxuryism gave M.HITI a highly concise and neat modernity. Not piling up, not complicated, only with smooth lines and different fabrics to express the richness of the level of change in the mechanism, with the anti-luxury ideas reflect the overall sense of high-level clothing.

Find mymo van and discover the best of yourself

In June of this year, Langued International launched a campaign titled "Looking for MYMO Fan - Discovering the Most Beautiful Oneself" among the over 200 terminal stores and online in the country and got a warm response. Tens of thousands of fans took part in the event by posting photos, sending greetings, writing testimonials, and more at more than 200 terminal stores and official Weibo Wechat accounts in the Languedoc International region, taking pictures in vivid pictures, paragraphs, or even timeless The text, share the most beautiful self mind. Also vivid transmission and interpretation of Lang Dai MY PERFECT MOMENT "beauty every moment" to find the best of their own brand philosophy and life wisdom. At the same time Lang Dai also through this event to find the most has MYMO Van's micro-film actress, and made the first episode at the celebration party. Her intellectual, love life, love beauty, the film uses a great deal of color contrast, interpretation of MYMO to bring women change and self-confidence.

Persistent pursuit of achievement gorgeous brand transformation

Since its establishment in 2003, Langde International has always proceeded from the needs of urban women and synchronized with the international trend with a keen sense of tentacles. Also experienced the business from small to large, from weak to strong gorgeous transformation. Lang Dai believe that fashion is a life attitude, when it faded gorgeous shell, from the flashy trend pluck cocoon, into the most ordinary life, to be able to interpret elegant, calm and confident.

Guests Qijiu Cup, perfect ending party

At the end of the celebration, Mr. Zhou Teng, Chairman of Langde International invited all the guests present to join the party and wished Langde 10th Anniversary Happy Birthday! In 2013, Langde International will bring its two major brands of women's clothing from China's influential women's clothing brand to a higher dream and march on beautifully.

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