Light up the new business card of the "Fashion Capital" 2020 Shengze Fashion Week ended successfully

Huayi News: On the evening of June 19, 2020, the 2020 Shengze Fashion Week and the 7th Jiangsu (Shengze) Textile Expo Cloud Exhibition ended successfully. This year's Shengze Fashion Week, fashion creativity and oriental culture complement each other, professional forums and industrial development complement each other, the Golden Summit Award, the top ten coffee and the new generation of emerging designers bloom on the same stage.

At the same time, the four-day fashion feast with the theme of "Sichuan Oriental, Fashion Shengze" attracted more than 200 companies to participate in the cloud exhibition, through 18 brand release shows, 4 design competitions, 2 industry big coffee The summit forum fully demonstrated the innovative practice of turning the "Silk Ancient Town" into a "fashion capital".

President of China Textile Industry Association, Sun Rui Zhe, vice president Xu welcoming the new Chairman of the China Fashion Designers Association PROJECTILES, president of Jiangsu Province Textile Industry Association Han Ping, Honorary President Xie Ming, district, town leaders Qian Bin, Wang Yi Bing, Lv Weifeng, Zhao Juguan and Zhang Jianhua attended the closing ceremony.

At the closing ceremony, the organizer held the launching ceremony of the 2020 China University Women's Wear Design Contest. At the meeting, leaders such as Sun Ruizhe, Xu Yingxin, Qian Bin, and Wang Yibing launched the contest. The contest is jointly sponsored by the People's Government of Shengze Town and the China Fashion Designers Association. It is an important measure to tap the creative potential of the industry and find new forces in fashion design. This competition gathers "prestigious schools", "famous teachers" and "famous enterprises", with the purpose of cultivating the "future new generation" of the fashion design industry, soliciting design works for undergraduate and graduate students of well-known fashion schools. At that time, outstanding undergraduates and graduate students from 30 well-known fashion schools in China will focus on daily women's wear and creative women's wear, combining eclectic creative thinking with Shengze's high-quality fabrics.

Wang Yibing, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and Secretary of the Party Committee of Shengze Township , said in his speech that fashion is an important support to promote the textile industry to the high end of the value chain. At present, the draft of the "Master Plan of Land and Space in the Demonstration Zone for Integrated Ecological and Green Development in the Yangtze River Delta (2019-2035)" is officially announced. In the plan, Shengze Town is one of the "five major urban areas" and the four "vigorous urban areas" of the demonstration area. "One of the five "high-energy industrial bases", with the fashion industry and innovative creativity as the leading function, promote the textile industry to green, smart, high-end upgrades, through the construction of related industry clusters and efficient interaction, comprehensively improve the textile The fashion guiding force and international influence of the apparel industry.

Wang Yibing pointed out that at present, Shengze insists on creating a source of fashion creativity in the Yangtze River Delta, based on a complete textile industry chain, deepening innovation and leading, highlighting fashion empowerment, through fashion platform construction, creative talent introduction, high-end fabric research and development, event events Held to focus on enhancing industrial agglomeration, fashion leadership and international influence. At the same time, yesterday (June 19) Wujiang District Committee Standing Committee meeting also adopted the "Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of a World-Class High-end Textile Industrial Cluster to Promote Ecological and Green Development". It can be said that based on the current situation of comprehensively promoting integrated development, Shengze in the future will surely become a "fashion capital" with a complete innovation system and diverse vitality, forming an innovation chain and industrial chain, fashion innovation and modern textile World-class high-end textile industry cluster.

In his speech, Zhang Qinghui, chairman of the China Fashion Designers Association , said that under the epidemic, the holding of Shengze Fashion Week has attracted much attention in the domestic fashion industry. The millennium silk capital is Shengze. With dreams, missions and responsibilities, the market of hundreds of billions will be It is closely connected with industry and fashion of hundreds of billions of grades. In the past four days, the in-depth cooperation between the top domestic fashion designer brands and Shengze Head Fabric Enterprise has provided the best reference and thinking for the domestic textile industry cluster towards the development of high quality. The development of the manufacturing industry provides solutions that provide important practices for exploring new paths and urban renewal in the development of China's fashion industry.

Xu Yingxin, vice president of China National Textile and Apparel Council , pointed out in his speech that Shengze's gluttonous feast of weekly show, exhibition, meeting and competition made us feel a new leap in Shengze's technology, craftsmanship and technology. Let us see the innovative power of traditional enterprises seeking innovation and change in the new era, see the overall fashion transformation of Shengze industry, and Shengze's determination and perseverance to build a fashion capital from top to bottom. The sudden outbreak has had a huge impact on the textile and apparel industry, but with this determination and perseverance, we can certainly defeat the outbreak and return the industry to normal production operations.

With the theme of “Silk Rhythm and Fashion Shengze”, 2020 Shengze Fashion Week will focus on creating three beautiful business cards of “Silk Ancient Town”, “Famous Textile City” and “Fashion Capital”, gathering silk culture, textile industry cluster and fashion creative design resources Through the deep linkage of "shows, exhibitions, competitions, meetings, and commerce" and the multi-dimensional interaction between online and offline, the textile industry can be grafted with fashion ideas, and popular fabrics can be connected to multiple designs to help Shengze Textile climb to the high end of the value chain.

The brilliance of Shengze Fashion Week comes not only from the low-key and calm yet beautiful and fashionable fashion design of designers, but also from the tireless efforts of fabric companies to inherit and innovate the millennium silk culture, as well as the exploration and development of chemical fiber fabrics. At the closing ceremony, the organizer also held a ceremony for the sponsorship of the fabric sponsors of Fashion Week to thank the entrepreneurs for their full support for this Fashion Week. Today, as a "China Silk Town" and "China Textile Town", Shengze not only has a complete textile industry chain, but also the most important R&D and production base of silk and chemical fiber fabrics in Jiangsu and even the country. Shengze entrepreneurs use the fabric as the carrier to explain the innovative genes of the "Shengze Weaving" brand to people, and tell the story of the fashion silk capital with the "Oriental Culture" that spans thousands of years.

Interview with Wang Ben, general manager of Jinlun Group

In the interview, Wang Ben, general manager of Jinlun Group, the representative of the fabric sponsoring company and the representative of the second-generation successor of Shengze traditional enterprises , replied in an interview : "As the second-generation successor, we have inherited the quality spirit of the elaborate work of the first-generation textile people. It also undertakes the heavy responsibility of leading the transformation and upgrading of Shengze enterprises through innovation. The holding of Shengze Fashion Week, on the one hand, allows us to promote advanced Shengze textile products to the world and to all hobby companies that need clothing fabrics And brand; on the one hand, it also allows us to better communicate and combine with fashion design! A good fabric needs better design to give its soul, so that consumers can really feel the advantages of fabrics; in addition , The activity also gave us a deeper understanding of the texture of the fabric and the direction of the future trend of the fabric."

Lu Jianguo, General Manager of Liufu Textile Co., Ltd., was interviewed

Lu Jianguo , the representative of the fabric sponsoring company, and the general manager of Liufu Textile Co., Ltd., also shared his understanding of the future fashion trends : "Environmental protection must be the theme of the future. More and more natural phenomena in recent years have also allowed us More people have a deeper understanding of environmental protection. Some big-name, large enterprises or international organizations have proposed new environmental standards and requirements, calling on more people to jointly promote sustainable development of environmental protection. Ying's natural cellulose fiber products are characterized by natural, environmentally friendly and sustainable. In addition, from the fashion week we provided satin fabrics made of bright colors and elegant on the stage The presentation of the effect can also be found that natural environmental sustainability and fashion can actually coexist. In addition, the era of manpower cost and price has passed. In the future, people will pay more attention to where fashion is popular, original design It is an inevitable trend. As a textile company, the success of centuries of textile fashion companies in Italy, Japan, and South Korea also tells us that only by adhering to the original design road can companies continue to go on."

After the closing ceremony , the designer of the 1st and 9th China Fashion Design "Golden Top Award" Zhang Zhaoda also held a release show with the theme "China" . This big show is a continuation of designer Zhang Zhaoda's "China Pirate". With his own art theory, visual perception, and spiritual realm, he tried to integrate the concept of "" in Eastern philosophy with the silk culture of silk capital Shengze, and Presented in clothing, it further demonstrates the beauty of the fashion capital.

Silk Rhythm Oriental, Fashion Shengze, 2020 Shengze Fashion Week and the 7th Jiangsu (Shengze) Textile Expo Cloud Exhibition officially come to an end here! A few days of star-studded glory is the epitome of the ancient silk capital Shengze for thousands of years of hard work, bold progress and courage to change over the past 40 years. When we look back at history, we are very proud of Shengze's profound cultural heritage. When we look forward to the future, we will be proud of the new business card of Shengze's "Fashion Capital". Shengze Fashion Week ended, but the pace of Shengze Fashion's upgrade will move forward with time and never stop!

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