LW paintings and poetry women's clothes Zhangye Guofang Department Store grand opening of the second floor of the store

LW charm, just as the brand's slogan, choose to inherit an alternative melody, LW is not to make choices for women, but to provide them with more choices - clothing with the choice of fashion style choice of quality of life , Life needs to choose, any brave woman will choose what they love, that is the purpose of LW.

Classic, elegant, fashionable women's brand LW paintings and poetry women's clothing Zhangye Guofang Department Store on the second floor of the new store yesterday grand opening! Congratulations Guo sister opened the new store, business is booming!


As a mature, Da-Shu women's brand, LW painting and poetry store also take full account of the characteristics of mature women introverted, temperament, shop with color concise, generous, details of the embossed printing is particularly intentions.


LW Womens new season highlights of what kind of style? This can also be seen at the store, the blue ocean and green forests, and the bright red sun in the sky is bright and warm. Even printing is also a mature woman's interpretation of the world from a different perspective.


Maybe you are just one of thousands of mature women, maybe families, children in your mind to be more important, but to yourself better, to make yourself a little more beautiful, your life can be more taste! Poetry ladies, choose your new clothes, this summer, enjoy your temperament show.


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