Manage the dealer's "three hearts" principle

[China Glass Network] Dealers disobeying factory management is a problem that many sales people are more troublesome. They always try their best to compete with manufacturers and hope to get the benefits they want. Manufacturers will try their best to eliminate this kind of behavior and measures, but in the specific market operations, it is difficult to carry out in the dealers. In this case, it is very difficult for the salesperson to unite the dealers to complete the sales target. Based on my work experience, I analyzed and summarized the following three management dealers' principles, hoping to give readers some help.

Empathy, probation dealer

Empathy is to think in terms of empathy and think about problems from the perspective of the other side. Dealers will not only consider their own profits, but also consider their own market stability, team stability, brand development and other factors, so the company's overall policy is not suitable for all dealers. Therefore, dealers with a little experience will not follow the manufacturer's policy requirements, and will implement them step by step. They will always adopt some amendments according to the specific conditions of their own markets. In this process, it is inevitable that some assessment targets will deviate from the direction of the manufacturer. At this time, sales personnel are required to assist the manufacturers to help the dealers to carry out target corrections. Appropriate use of empathy will help the initial work.

First of all, from the dealer's point of view, listen carefully to their ideas, try to find out their true intentions, and pass on their ideas to them to see what reaction they are, and then make judgments based on this. In general, dealers will not directly tell the manufacturer's own true ideas, but through some superficial words or even actual actions to show their attitude. For example, dealers say that their own market is difficult to do, competing products invest resources and expenses, and the subtext may be to let the company also provide corresponding support; dealers say that their team is unstable, the turnover rate is high, it is hoped that the company can station one The staff has long assisted them in managing the business team.

Second, you need to contact the dealer's business team and listen to the real thoughts of the business people. Simply looking for business people to chat, generally do not get what they want, so it is better to invite several business representatives to have a meal together, eat and talk, and then drink a little wine, basically know everything. Of course, this kind of thing should be done with the dealer, otherwise the effect will be discounted. By verifying the dealer's ideas and the salesman's ideas, you can know to what extent the market competition is fierce. What are the main contradictions within the dealer company? Why is the company's policy ineffective in this area?

Later, it is better to go to the next market, and personally touch the market than to hear anything. Although the words of the owner of the store are uncomfortable, they can reveal a lot of market information. For example, the store owner reflects no gifts, then where the company's gifts go; the store owner said that some products are not easy to sell, then does it mean that the category structure of the region needs to be adjusted. I have figured out all these problems, and the next step is to be carried out.

With the same heart, moved the dealer

The so-called righteousness is to understand that the interests of dealers and the interests of manufacturers and even salespeople of manufacturers are consistent. Only when dealers grow up can the company develop smoothly. After you have found out the dealer's real thoughts and market conditions, you can talk to the dealer. At this point, we must first show that we are really thinking about the dealers, and hope to share some of the real situations that we have heard and seen. In general, dealers will be surprised at this time, because they would like to know what kind of tangible news your "outsiders" can bring.

It should be noted that in the course of the conversation, we must first talk about the market situation, then talk about the situation of the business team, and then start the topic around the dealer. For example, telling the dealer market that the competition is not so fierce is what he heard. The competing products only made a certain piece of promotional equipment, which caused some pressure on the business personnel. Therefore, the business personnel only reported that the market is not good, actually It is the salesman who lacks confidence in his own products, and also lacks sales skills. He will take time out and give a training to the business team in this regard.

Secondly, the reason why the turnover rate of employees is high is because the wages are unclear, and they are low, and there is no effective communication channel. They will sort out the company's salary system. When training, they will talk to the business staff. I believe it will effectively reduce Staff turnover rate. Later, I told the dealers that some of their ideas were correct. The company’s current policy is to solve these problems. At the operational level, the dealer’s understanding has some deviations, and they will adjust the adjusted plans and policies with them. Making sure.

When you get here, dealers generally don't say anything, but it is still difficult to have a clear attitude toward the future implementation of the company's policies. At this point, the salesperson can tell the dealer: I am serving the customer, so careful, so sincere, because this is the company's requirements, but also the necessary work to do the market well, if the customer does not give the corresponding support, their own interests Without guarantees, it is naturally difficult to continue to serve customers and have to choose to leave, so everyone's interests are consistent and need to support each other. Generally speaking, dealers will express their full support for the company's various policies in place.

Tongxin, grateful dealer

The idiom "Peace and Concentricity" is very suitable at this time. From the dealer to the business team, all the links have been opened. The following is the full implementation of the company's policies and programs. At this point, it is better to be able to do a program execution tracking table, track the implementation situation every day, and then communicate with the dealer on some details, I believe that the effect will be seen soon - not only the market is ready, but the dealers also The management of the company has naturally increased greatly.

Of course, this time the dealer will thank you for helping his company grow, but please don't forget that it is the dealer that provides you with a platform to exercise and show yourself, so gratitude is mutual and growth is mutual. Use the empathy to influence dealers, make good use of the same heart to move the dealers, and grow up with the dealers later, with gratitude, the future will be better.

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