MZK interpretation of the feminine heart of soft and luxurious

Pursuit of fashion, sexy, elegant style, the romantic integration of European clothing and Japan and South Korea clothing exquisite, effectively combined with the aesthetic of our Oriental women, a true representation of the modern women's desire for the United States. So that Ms. Amy lifted his elegance between the full range of elegant, more feminine. It is also designed for ladies who love their own style.


Clothing design in addition to be able to find the must-have elements of each season, but also pay attention to the details of dress. Transfer the elegant and fashionable personality concept; interpretation of the feminine heart of soft and luxurious, create a calm and yet soft, intellectual and yet delicate and modern urban women.


Originated from the trendy style of European and South Korean fashion, hunt the inspiration of Chinese and foreign fashion art, original style. Fabrics, meticulous workmanship, fashion dynamic. Pay attention to the overall mix, generous yet feminine. Will be retro, classic and modern, fashion integration, designed to create a beautiful young women, confident youth image, reflecting the urban women passion, dynamic, high-grade fashion.

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