Nine Development Trends of Chinese Gift Industry

Nine Development Trends of Chinese Gift Industry After eight bans were introduced by the government in 2012, between 2008 and 2011, the high-speed growth of the gift industry reached more than 20% each year. The gift industry in a trillion market capacity suddenly fell, and the company’s gift industry declined. The research team has incompletely counted more than 75% of the core suppliers of 3,000 gift-based business gifts, annual sales volume in 2012 fell by more than 50%, and continued to decline in 2013 and 2012 compared to the same period of last year, and 30,000 scale gift services 85% of the business has fallen more than 50%, and more than 100,000 small and medium-sized gift suppliers surveyed by the company's project team at least 30% are already on the verge of bankruptcy, the winter of the gift industry is coming, and what is the development trend of the gift industry? The industrial research project team summarized nine major trends in the development of the gift industry in 2013.

Changes in the trend of demand structure highlight business opportunities In 2013, according to research by the company's gift industry research project group, the overall gift industry's capacity did not change significantly, but the structure of industry demand has undergone a subversive adjustment.

1. The proportion of personal consumption reached 70% of the total capacity, and the proportion of group consumption decreased to 30%.

2. The proportion of business gifts in the Group's consumption will decline, and the proportion of promotional items will increase.

3. The proportion of government-owned state-owned enterprises has decreased, and the proportion of gifts for SMEs is increasing.

Changes in industry growth patterns and internal value chains:

According to the research team of the company's gift industry, it predicts that with the tremendous growth of China's economy and the explosive blowout of demand from 2008 to 2011, the market competition will not be sufficient, and the growth model of the gift industry will be characterized by predatory organizational copying. Industry-driven and growth model. Industry concentration, brand concentration, and low competition intensity are still in the first stage of competition. In 2012, with the introduction of policies, demand reduction, demand diversion, sector rotation, structural adjustment, and increased competition, the gift industry has forced the following changes in the operating model of the Chinese gift industry.

1. From industry-driven to core business model startup, from the plane growth model to the vertical growth model.

2. From the previous simple product management and financial management, we must turn to the value chain management of the company.

3, from a single link of product value-added model to the value-added chain of integrated value-added mode.

4. From a one-way customer management interest structure to a two-way, multiple customer model.

5, from a single market marketing to integrated marketing transformation.

Changes in the industry's consumer behavior According to the company's gift industry research project team survey the entire gift market has been drastic changes, from before 2011, the original Chinese, Maotai, brain Platinum three pillars. In 2013, IT products (bright spots are Apple, Samsung's derivative product chain), as well as green products, precious metal products, and consumption of precious metal products also witnessed bipolar consumption patterns and sudden changes in the gift market.

This means that the 2013 gift market trends have evolved from single to multiple, from pure gifts to diversified demands for investment, possession, gift, use, and so on.

The trend of consumer cognition changes According to the study of the company's gift industry research project group, the influence of consumers on gift selection is influenced in various aspects such as 2013, brand power, convenience, cost-effectiveness, sense of value, experience, and scenario design.

The development trend of gift suppliers and service providers in the gift industry chain According to the vertical integration of the gift industry chain of the company's gift industry research project group, there are major problems in all aspects of the entire gift industry chain. Technology, creativity, channels, production, logistics, and many issues exist. It will transform into industrial focusrs with core resource models and business models.

2013 Gift Supplier Trends:

The company's gift industry research project team made the following judgments on the 2013 development trends of Chinese gift suppliers.

1. Attention should be paid to the development of products with red and green colors, positive subjects, and topics that meet the general trend in the category of products. Because of the influence of “Uncles and Uncles”, the expressions of gifts are “not as good as Tibetan”, and the price is falling. Focus on cross-border issues, and pay attention to the polar characteristics of gifts in 2013. Because of the reduction in budget, consumer demand for products is more clearly pointed.

2, in the company's strategic adjustment and organizational changes, resource arrangements.

First, pay attention to the customization of enterprises and individuals. 2. Pay attention to core industry customers with a large proportion of personal consumption, such as banks, providing total solutions for gifts, but differentiate the operational characteristics of each industry. Examples: Different types of operations in different levels of the postal market Requirements for the organization's funds and products. For example, the financial system of the banking system and the ability to integrate value chains.

Third, focus on personal consumption of operational partners retail terminals, online shopping, telecom, outbound, and other direct marketing platforms.

3. Concerned about the business of the place where the economic form is worse and the benefits are better.

4. After grasping the market gap left by the closure of a large number of small and medium-sized gift merchants after industry consolidation, looking for circulating companies with strong platform capabilities in circulation, and losing convenience due to one-stop shopping convenience, invoice advantages, and bribery, the loss of small and medium gift merchants It is entirely possible for our customers to converge here.

5. Focusing on brand operations, discrete gift needs, and aggregating with brand communication are the most economical methods. Brands are the most effective way for companies to create differences, but they must pay attention to the problem of brand communication to that level.

6. Increase the investment in creative research and development to make good use of the outside brain.

From the previous simple product management and financial management must turn to the value chain management of the enterprise, product value-added mode from a single link, the value-added integration model to the full value chain, and the one-way customer management interest structure to a two-way multiple customer model .

Under the background of industrial change, as the most sensitive marketing field for subversive transformation, the 2013 marketing model has changed.

The essence of service marketing service marketing is to deeply satisfy consumer demands, stimulate potential consumer demand, use service systems, form firewalls, and extend from the supply chain to the demand chain to establish contact with consumers. In terms of production companies, they should further extend the value chain. Gift companies should move from selling products in the past to selling services.

Integrate marketing to adjust all resources of the organization, use viral marketing, 2D code media, catalog marketing, database marketing, direct review marketing, and various marketing methods around target groups and target locations, and perform three-dimensional resonance at a certain point in time.

Cross-border marketing Cross-border marketing is the cross-border of products, and the core is the satisfaction of different needs of the same target group. The resulting resource integration and the resulting replacement of resources in different behaviors will make a difference in the diversified needs of the gift industry.

The multi-domestic industry of multi-species marketing has gradually evolved from the “brand derivative category” to the “brand-supported brand” era. The marketing logic relationship between brands, categories, products and markets has undergone profound changes. The essence of gift category marketing is that companies explore their own unique advantages (such as the development advantages of creative products, precise niche market positioning), and occupy a piece of their own position in the customer's mind. In fact, the construction of each commodity category represents the adaptation or change of a consumer's needs in establishing a lifestyle.

From the perspective of competitive marketing strategy orientation, product orientation, customer orientation, and competition orientation, the company quantifies the current product structure, perfects the structure of corporate exhibits, determines brand products, profit products, cash flow products, and product blocking, and so on. Then, the directional resource matching and pattern matching are performed. For example, **products can be completed only for cost allocation. In the production design. Do not require beauty is not weaker than the opponent. Mainly through cost leadership for clearing campaigns. Profit products: niche marketing, analysis of consumer behavior chains, product design, high gross profit, pattern matching, firewall establishment through products, time, space, patterns, and 3D.

Customized marketing: The core of customization is to use powerful methods of creativity and resource integration to use extended services to become competitors' obstacles to competition. Customization generally goes through three stages: efficient customization, large-scale customization, and customized customization.

Experience marketing: With the intensification of competition, consumer demand for products and related information is amplified by competition. Experience marketing has become an important means of market interception. The special city pays special attention to the gift industry in connection with feelings. Experience marketing will become an important marketing tool. It also backtracks on changes in systems and business models. Internet marketing: Traditional marketing is characterized by information asymmetry, and the information age in the Internet age is the breadth of information and information symmetry. The development of the Internet derives from the discovery and collection of consumer information. Experience and reach and delivery. There will be a complete subversion, and the original irreplaceable experience of traditional products will also be completely overturned due to the fact that the Internet has in recent years virtual enhancement technology and the perfection of three-d technology.

Focus on individuals, focus on experiences, focus on customization, focus on the Internet, focus on brands, and focus on integration.

The Trend of Gift Service Provider Changes The upstream sales have no scale, no voice, no premium downstream, no loyalty, no core model, and there will be extensions in brand and category. There are three types of gift service providers: purchasing, rebate, and communication.

1, do brand owners 2, do resource integration from selling products to selling customers, selling platforms.

3. It will transform the direction of the refiners, excavators, consultants, designers, and effect estimators of the customer's needs, and change from entity to virtual, from selling products to selling services.

Industry Integration Trends Gift industry consolidation is the reason behind other industries generally have the following points:

1, the origin of the consumer: the gift industry's consumer demand caused by the origin, the author of this alienation from other industries originated as, diversity, concealment, randomness, alternative, discrete, the characteristics of this feature It is very difficult for the gift industry to integrate consumers and it is difficult to match management extension and industry and marketing integration. The gift industry contains almost all marketing models.

2. Inadequate industrial protection: Innovative companies and products cannot obtain the protection and sustainable interests of relevant laws and regulations, so that innovation can not drive the core of the enterprise and industry, and the gift industry and product innovation that have a high correlation between product experience and emotions. Killing has directly led to low-level competition in the entire industry. The gift industry is a cultural and creative industry. The author has a simplest criterion for the cultural and creative industries. That is, the virtual value of a product must exceed the entity's value.

4. There is no emergence of a company group with capitalization, a clear business model and core competitiveness with integrated integration strength.

Conil's empirical research on the industry's life cycle and integration laws shows that there will be about 20-25 years from the birth to the concentration of an industry to the balance of the industry, and the symmetry of the industry information on the Internet, coupled with the liquidity of capital The increase has led to the acceleration of industrial integration.

This time the integration of the gift industry was a reaction that was superimposed on the integration cycle of the policy and gift industry industries.

The gift industry will conduct the first round of reshuffling and industrial integration within two years. The harsh environment of the industry will cause a squeeze in the industry space. When the relative value decreases, the absolute value of the opportunities for excellent companies to use the industry will increase. After the round of shuffling, a group of companies with clear business models, strong creative abilities, and core drivers of the brand will soon emerge. The game industry's game rules will revolutionize the subversion in five years. This is whether the gift industry can Get rid of low-level competitive price competition and upgrade to the key to the cultural and creative industries.

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