Olivine value?

Peridot has always been a favorite green gem, with many legendary stories and beautiful names. Like the Egyptians called the olivine "the jewel of the sun", the Hawaiian people think that the olivine is the tears of Vulcan. These beautiful names let us know the existence of the beautiful olivine. So do friends know the value of olivine? Is olivine worth?


Most of the olivines are worthless olivine. For olivine, its quality is high and low. The weight determines the price of olivine. Generally, ordinary olivine is not worth the money. For dozens of dollars and hundreds of dollars, you can buy peridot jewelry, but there are a few olives. Stone is still valuable. This kind of olivine is of very good quality. It is considered to be the best olivine. At the same time, the number of carats is very high. It is more than ten carats. Such olivines are very rare olivines. Naturally, their value is also very high. High, also high value olivine.

The quality of olivine is related to the pure depth of the olivine. High-quality olivine has no cracks, large particles, less inclusions, and a large weight. There is also a good cut of high-quality olivine. These are all necessary elements of high quality olivine.


After we understand the value of olivine, we should also know more about the regular maintenance method of olivine. Because olivine is a very soft gem, it must be treated with care, because it may cause scratches on the peridot. There is a phenomenon of burrs that are also easy to appear on the olivine. I hope that my friends can pay attention to the preservation of olivine, avoiding olivine and other jewellery in daily life or in storage. The chance of contact.


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