Oriental elements are popular with red ornate prints.

Leading Words: Autumn and winter of 2012 bloom in the hands of designers in the mysterious elements of the East, with oriental symbolic totem prints, tassels and embroidery in the fashion decorated with different brilliance. Through gorgeous patterns and styles, it can be gorgeous and can show a different style of urban girl in details.

东方元素走红 华丽印花图案受宠(图1)

Jason Wu

东方元素走红 华丽印花图案受宠(图2)

Leather stitching red lotus print dress Christopher Kane

东方元素走红 华丽印花图案受宠(图3)

National Totem Print Dress Carven

东方元素走红 华丽印花图案受宠(图4)

Mini Top Hat Handbags Trussardi

Style Tips

1. Oriental means that the printed pattern is most likely to be decorated with magnificent and noble tastes. However, no one wants to be a big woman or a woman. Using accessories made of metal materials can greatly reduce the age level.

2. Tassel-designed earrings can lengthen the neck, and fringed silk scarves can be worn in a swaying sexy posture. Embroidered uppers and facets reveal the taste. Many oriental elements are both eye-catching and colorful in detail.

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