Ou Difen Lady healthy fashion love life

欧迪芬Lady 健康时尚 关爱一生

欧迪芬Lady 健康时尚 关爱一生

In 2013, the 20th anniversary of the development of the Oudifen brand, the brand new positioning in the "healthy fashion love life," and launched the "Find Oudifen Lady" activities, advocating a new era of women care for themselves, the pursuit of self, concerned about women's health, attention to female breasts Healthy and shaping the happy life of women ... "Find Outdard Lady" activities, with brand-led women to focus on themselves, "the next quarter try on goods" form, triggering the concern of women sought after activities in 20 cities to carry out sea election, each city selected 10 players to enter the semi-finals, you can get oudifen underwear set; and finally, by the well-known lingerie experts, judges oudifen design and R & D senior Specialist at the composition, according to the semi-finals finalists with the degree of activity and try on real products Published, etc., each city selected a contestant to become "Oudifen city lady"; the final evaluation of the ladies free access to eight sets of new underwear throughout the year, the winter in the warmth of two sets, and cash vouchers 2,000 yuan.

PVC Coated Fabric is made from high strength polyester material with both sides coated.

In general, this fabric is used on Truck Cover, cargo cover, Boat Cover , Hay Cover , Trailer Cover, etc..

truck cover


1. High strength, high density

2. Fire/corrosion/UV resistant, water resistant, dust resistant

3. Shrink proof, rot proof

4. Mould and mildew resistant, tear resistant

5. Long lasting, sunshade protect, wind protection

6. Anti-fungal, anti-osimosis, antistripping

You can choose any color and max in roll size is 5m, the general weight is 200gsm to 2000gsm.

According to different quality of PVC tarpaulin, lifespan is 3 to 5 years.


Truck Fabric

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