Panda Panda 2012 Leads New Style of Investment

As we all know, in recent years, with the continuous improvement of material living standards, people are gradually no longer satisfied with earning “dead wages” in the traditional way, and have turned more attention to the collection and investment market. As an effective investment method and investment target, Chinese precious metal commemorative coins have been welcomed by the common people with their unique investment value and investment charm.

Thirty, and well-established, long-standing and long-lasting, popular On November 30, 2011, the 2012 edition of the Panda Gold and Silver Commemorative Coin was officially issued by the People's Bank of China. The set of commemorative coins total 10, including 7 gold coins, 3 silver coins, are the legal currency of the People's Republic of China. The front side of the commemorative coin is the Hall of Prayer for the New Year's Eve of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. The name of the country and the name of the year are published. The pattern on the back of the commemorative coin is a picture of a mother and child panda. The denomination, weight, and fineness of the commemorative coin design are unique and luxurious.

Since its first release in 1982, Panda coins will usher in a 30-year development milestone and become a typical microcosm of China’s modern history of precious metal coins. In the past 30 years, it has achieved the legend of precious metal coins investment with four major advantages: issuance authority, high collection value, wide brand influence, and fine craftsmanship. The authority is issued by the People’s Bank of China. After the world’s gold is not monetized, gold exists in the currency field. An important form that is not subject to the limitations of time and season make it the legal currency for gold investment; it has won international awards many times, and is well-received by customers because of its threefold characteristics of safety, value, and craftsmanship; The unique pattern design, exquisite workmanship, color standard, and complete specifications all reflect the extraordinary artistic charm and collection value with the unique Panda pattern. At this point, the 2012 edition of Panda keeps the same warm and gentle style as before. In the luxuriant bamboo forest, a pair of panda mothers and sons enjoys happiness and enjoys sharing the familyliness. With the national treasure image, the Chinese people vividly show that the Chinese people attach importance to family ties and ethics. And the endless expectation and longing for a good life. With the above points, the Panda Gold and Silver coins have become a world-class investment gold coin that is accompanied by the artistic, collectable, and investment-worthiness of the United States, along with the United States Eagle Coin, Canada Maple Leaf Coin, South Africa Folgin Coin, and Australian Kangaroo Coin. The influence has spread all over the world.

Of course, today, when the collection of precious metal coins became common, the release of the 2012 edition of Panda coins was not only a summary of the development history of the past 30 years, but also a major reward for cat fans. Regardless of whether it is connotation or extension, the panda's image is simple and honest, evoking love and affection. It has always been a symbol of good fortune in Chinese traditional culture. In the modern history of China, it has repeatedly built a friendly bridge for international exchange as a diplomatic gift. The cultural value is evident.

Value-added capacity expansion, collection prospects can not be underestimated It is understood that in the past 20 years, the scale of gold and silver coins has been placid, until 2000, its circulation began to embark on an increasing channel of expansion. Take Panda Silver Coin as an example. In 2011, it experienced the largest scale expansion in the history of Chinese gold and silver coins, from the initial planned 1.5 million to the actual release of 6 million pieces by the end of the year. According to industry predictions, in 2012, the circulation of the currency will be a new breakthrough on the original basis, and is expected to reach 8 million.

The reason why this kind of large-scale expansion has occurred is that the industry's authoritative experts analyzed that, on the one hand, in a market environment where inflation is high and commodity prices are high, banknote credits are greatly reduced, while precious metals are both monetary and commercial, and are not easily devalued. As the most representative gold object in China, Panda coins are made of gold, which directly reflects the core values ​​of the financial attributes of gold. Together with the early release of the Panda coins, their preciousness has gained a great appreciation space, making more and more. Many collectors are betting on this; on the other hand, the over-exploitation of gold resources and the loose monetary policy adopted after the global dollar market continues to be sluggish make the international gold price go up, and is unlikely to fall in the short-term, and the country will follow suit. A series of incentives will further boost the popularity of precious metal coins. In this case, it is only natural that Panda coins will continue to be issued.

As a major event in the investment collection industry, the issuance of the Panda currency has provided a useful reference for the preservation and appreciation of the country’s gold reserves as it is accelerating the process of gold marketization in China. It is a kind of strategy for the state and the government to realize the gold-in-people-to-people strategy. Important means. At the same time, as an investment product, it provides the ordinary people with an excellent collection and investment channel, with great development prospects, suitable for long-term holding. According to online statistics, although the value-added trend of the currency is not rising all the way, it has always shown a good momentum of wave-like growth. With the gradual integration of the domestic gold market and the international gold market, the relevant system will be perfected, and the operation of the Chinese investment coin market will become more and more in line with international conventions. It will truly implement the country’s reform action of “hoarding money in the people”.

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