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A self-cultivation, intellectual, full of feminine feminine pencil skirt, whether during your transition from the students to the OL, the magic of the transformation of your style of magic it? In our impression, the classic and retro pencil skirt always gives a serious sense of restraint. It is better to change the new taste, try new collocation, let the pencil skirt piercing dignified elegant temperament and put an end to boring serious, take a look at the pencil skirt to wear take method.


OL to enter and exit the company every day, career suits become the first choice for most women winter most OL knit shirt with a stylish trendy pencil skirts, but occasionally can be a new taste, the white shirt with a bright pencil skirt, so that all Eyes bright, white collar shirt brought OL intellectual temperament temperament, downloading Scottish Plaid Pencil skirt to match, outlines the graceful posture, the overall color is very harmonious, a small suit Waipi, showing the urban white-collar fashion Handsome side.

铅笔裙搭配什么上衣  铅笔裙搭配技巧

OL family who love pencil skirts or because the pencil skirt is not only allow the body curve of the most elegant presentation, but also flow through the positive energy full grid elegant femininity, it has become synonymous with elegance. As shown in the figure this rich textured blue pencil skirt, delicate flower patterns secretly refraction, calm and generous colors, whether meeting or see the customer will not go wrong. With a white shirt plus blue knit sweater, the overall refreshing two kinds of colors Galilee makeup, highlight the independence and self-confidence attitude, a simple match, but very engaging.

In the jacket, pencil skirts can be used with windbreaker, woolen coat to wear big European and American style, with a short paragraph jacket is set off sweet and elegant temperament, OL family can easily change the occasion according to the occasion.

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