Protect your feet with a pair of good shoes

(a) Walking feet

There are some differences when walking. We can use their steps to find out the differences when walking. But in general, normal steps have the following common features. At the beginning of each step, your heel first lands and then your foot rolls forward until it reaches the toes. At this point, this foot will bear the full weight until the heel of the other foot touches the ground.

As you move, the big toe helps to maintain balance, while the tail toe acts as a springboard; the outer sacrum swings to adapt to the uneven ground, while the three inside the sacrum stays hidden As a support on the ground. In a normal walk, the weight of the body will be concentrated on the feet, and all the toes will be thick and the same point in the direction you walk.

(b) Do you understand the importance of the forefoot for the foot?

When the foot is carrying the weight and activities of the entire body, it will distribute the weight in the front foot. If we are older, the front foot will become wider and wider. Because many shoe designs now narrow the normal width of the forefoot, this type of shoe can create many different kinds of foot problems.

Why don't you go for the forefoot test? First, draw your foot shape along the side, and then put the shoes you wear on the foot shape you have already painted. You will see if your front foot is wider than your shoes. The first part.

But good foot care and wearing a good pair of shoes can help keep your feet in normal steps.

(c) Do you know that low back pain and knee pain are related to the feet?

The human body is a biomechanical entity. In order to bear weight and participate in exercise, the waist, knees and feet interact and interact with each other. The abnormal function of the foot will affect the waist and knees, and the lesions of the knee can also be found in the foot. Find the answer. The study found that more than 70% of knee pain and a significant percentage of low back pain are related to wide flatfoot. After wearing orthopedic insoles, more than 96% of patients with knee pain have reduced or completely disappeared.

(d) Flat feet

The so-called flat foot is mainly due to some causes of foot bone abnormalities, muscle atrophy, ligament contracture or chronic strain caused by foot arch collapse or elasticity caused by foot problems.

There are many causes of flat feet. In addition to congenital developmental factors, the majority of children's flat feet are caused by foot soft tissue strains, or lack of exercise on both feet, resulting in insufficient muscle and ligament strength. To prevent and correct flat feet, nutrition during infancy needs to be scientific and moderate to avoid being overweight. If the arch is not yet well formed, if the body is barely trained to walk, the whole body weight will be pressed on the foot, making it easy to overstress. Gradually lead to flat feet.

For preschool children, they should not be restricted from playing barefoot or wearing thin shoes; children who go to school should strengthen physical exercise and make the whole body muscular; children whose weight is obviously increased can do regular foot muscle exercises every day, such as using heels and feet. Walk on the outer edge of the tip and foot, or practice skipping ropes, jumping on rubber bands, picking up the toes to do gymnastics or practicing dance. Usually walking should pay attention not to buckle inside, correcting the habit of walking eight steps.

If you have a more obvious flat foot, you can consult a doctor/orthopedist/foot trainer. Everyday, we must adhere to physical exercise and participate in sports such as long jumps, high jumps, and mountaineering, so that the fascia and ligaments that hinder the formation of arches are elongated. Apply hot water to your feet before going to sleep every day to relax your skin, muscles, and ligaments.

A pair of good shoes is very important, especially the growing feet, to avoid problems. Children's feet are full of elasticity. They can put their feet into small two-yard shoes, and they will not make complaints. Therefore, they should always check if the shoes are too small. Do not allow children to wear shoes worn by others. They will be imitated forever into the feet of the owner who crossed the shoes.

The child's foot from 18 months to four years old is still very young, with thick fat covering the arch of the foot to make the foot flat. In addition there are more obvious posterolateral eversion and X-type legs. Therefore, when the child is able to walk steadily, it is appropriate to wear health shoes with heel cups and a soft arch pad to make the foot grow in a healthy environment. To reduce the chance of future sequelae.

After four years old, the fat in the sole of the foot gradually disappears, the arch slowly forms, and the foot type can be clearly distinguished. In this case, foot examination can be used to select the type of foot (flat foot, normal foot, high bow foot) Shoes and insoles.

(five) Foot structure

A human foot consists of 26 bones and a total of 3 foot arches. These are the inner arch, outer arch, and transverse arch, while the shape of the arch is mainly composed of ligaments, plantar fascia, muscles, and bones. The function of the arch, which is maintained by the structure, is an energy conversion function. In the gait in which the entire two foot plates contact the ground, the arch of the arch becomes flattened and pulled. During this stage, the arch will absorb some of the weight and walk. Energy, followed by a gait in the heel, this energy will be converted into energy that will push the body forward, so that the whole foot will lean forward. (Like arching and bowing) Therefore, when there is a flat footed person, The arch lacks elasticity, and the muscles need to use extra energy to push the body when pushing the body. Therefore, the arch depression itself is one of the reasons for the formation of muscle fatigue.

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