Purple chiffon shirt with a playful little skirt to take out Han Fan children

Blue Ti children less Shu women , combined with a Korean system elements, ladies Smart, graceful temperament, is that many business people have joined the brand. Cater to the contemporary fashion needs of women, each piece are impeccable, the following two summer new products, are purple T-shirt with a small skirt for the beauty of beauty you?


This water-soluble purple sleeveless shirt with high-quality fabrics, fine workmanship won the people's favorite. Small white flower dotted with personalized patterns, very eye-catching trend, dress the overall elegant appearance. With a small white skirt, soft and pure, beautiful youth. Of course, this dress will lead to a high frequency of back Oh.

紫色雪纺衫怎么搭配 俏皮小短裙搭出韩范儿

Small and cute Korean style, the sunshine. Double doll collar, set off the sweet girl Kawaii. Detail white embellishment, bid farewell to pure purple monotonous. Delicate and smooth chiffon fabric, comfortable and breathable. With a small print skirt is also very unique. Small square box playful cute. This women's clothing, are still hesitant, quickly join to buy it.

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