Qu Xian brand correction underwear for the Oriental women create the perfect curve shape

"For the Oriental women to create a perfect curve shape," Qu Xian brand underwear from the French design concept and the characteristics of Eastern women Wen Mei combined with the favor of human health, environmental protection of high-grade materials, Seiko secret agents, advancing scientific, Healthy, stylish and elegant brand of modified underwear, comfortable and natural wearing effect, become today's female friends to improve the quality of life fashion choice.

曲羡品牌修正型内衣  为东方女性塑造完美曲线体形

3/4 thick mold cup + invisible steel ring design, focus on the breasts, shaping Feng charming chest curve, enhance the bra side thrust, cup edge reinforcement mesh design, the natural convergence of breast milk, increase ears ears Bit, the effective storage of underarm fat, steel care of the arc as gently holding up his hands, lower heart design to make the chest more concentrated.

曲羡品牌修正型内衣  为东方女性塑造完美曲线体形

Full coverage of the lateral pressure + double plastic bone design, side-push free fat concentrated back into the cup, to correct external expansion loose breast, side widened to extend back to back, let the fat have nowhere to escape, combined with cross Design, more stable, smooth, stretch, for you to easily achieve a beautiful gesture.

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