Rabbit Mark International Children's Fashion Our childhood is not the same wonderful

Happy childhood is the most memorable childhood, but also make us the happiest memories of childhood we do not understand anything, but still still happy, still full of fantasy, fantasy, a beautiful future, the scene after growing up, Those illusions are beautiful things, let it all freeze in childhood to leave the most beautiful memories. Rabbit-Mark design team is good at capturing the international fresh fashion elements, the personality, the trend into each piece, the street culture and the palace solemn, gorgeous, black and white as the main line to create a classic black and white style, more Outstanding childhood child-filled youth, youth itself is a color, childhood bright colors without the need for decoration, we can be very dazzling. TUZAMA International to the most cutting-edge design, the most fashionable style, high taste of cultural life, bring new fashion experience to children in China, but also for Chinese children brought a global fashion, creative, personalized lifestyle.

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